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Today we took our son to DIA to send him back to his 82nd airborne unit in NC. When he flew here for veteran's day leave his 1 checked bag was comped and he was thanked for his service. Today, we were told by Delta ticket agent Laura Houston in Denver that he had to pay the $25 fee.

When I complained to one of the other ticket agents she said that it was at the descretion of the agent to charge active duty soldiers. I guess we were just unlucky that we ran into Laura Houston.

When my son arrived back at his unit, his bag did not arrive. Delta said it did not leave Denver and because he is new to his unit and does not have a street address, he has to figure out a way to find his bag when they send it to North Carolina.

Denver ticket agent Laura Houston and Delta airlines do not support American Soldiers. Happy Veteran's Day.

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Hopewell, Virginia, United States #238549

Really, Delta comps bags for military when they are flying on a military orders. The agents are NOT supposed to waive the fee when the soldier books the tickets themselves. As a delta agent myslef, I assure you, we do support our troops. When they are flying on orders, we will bend over backwards to get them on earlier flights to get them home and see family ... even go so far as to book them on standby. Once, I was able to get a soldier home 8 hours earlier than scheduled. But us agents are only enforcing the rules laid out by Delta, and sometimes, we are told that it is okay to waive the fee on military appreciation days such as veteran's day. The woman is not a Nazi, she's just doing her job.

We love our boys oversees (and girls).

But, how far do you really want us to go in waiving charges for the military. Why not waive it for cops or doctors too. ... You must remember, we live in the United States and Delta is one of the largest employers in the world with over 70,000 employees. After 2011, we have just started to turn a proffit again and are trying to get back on our feet. Things like baggage fees help us get there. ... take it from someone who went through the 20% pay cut back in the early 2000's. I'm glad that Delta is doing well and I'm almost back at what I was making before.

I'll pray for your son's safety and for your family. I hope that this helps you understand why we do the things we do.


you should listen to your dad was in the air force for 22 years and now he's a delta pilot and I promise u...he totally appreciates our delta agent doesnt speak for everyone

Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #211708

Mom I told you to not post this. Also she did *** 50 percent of the fee because I was a soldier.

You kept calling her a Nazi and telling her that she should leave our country.

I was very happy with the the discount and you kept insisting I get a 100 percent discount and I now do have my bags. But please leave this matter be.

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