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We were on a red-eye from Seattle to Detroit on 8/13-8/14 and the flight was oversold by 16 people, so the crew was already a bit flustered dealing with that (understandably). After about 15 minutes of impatient seat re-assignments and separating family members who couldn't speak English from their children without showing the slightest bit of compassion, it looked like we were getting settled. One flight attendant, an African American lady with short-black hair who wasn't wearing a name tag, got on the PA to make the usual announcement about getting ready to *** and for all passengers to please be seated as quickly as possible so they could close the cabin doors.

Then this look of shock came over her face, as if someone had flicked her off or spit in her face or something, and she repeated in an angry tone to sit down, close the tray tables, and get ready for departure. She ended with "Flight attendants, prepare for departure" with the rudest and most condescending tone. Then as she was hanging up the phone she mouthed, very explicitly, "what the ***," as she looked around in disgust for a fellow flight attendant to complain to.

Furthermore, there was a bigger lady seated in an aisle seat so she had the arm rest up to remain as comfortable as possible. Instead of speaking to the lady quietly, or descreetly, she said in a nice, loud tone to put the arm rest down for departure, and it made the lady a bit upset as she complied.

The biggest problem I have with this flight attendant is that she is in a customer service line of work. If she doesn't have the patience or feel comfortable working with people, she should do something else better suited for her. The other 2 attendants didn't make up for her negative/inappropriate attitude either. While they were no where near her level of rudeness, they weren't enjoyable or friendly or helpful. I think Delta needs to work on the training process of their flight attendants, as this is not the first time I've been on a flight with less-than-friendly ones. Customer service is very important. So is word-of-mouth. Delta is a decent airline and should want ad much help as possible in making sure their airline is competitive with all the others out there.

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As a platinum medallion on Delta I rarely have trouble with delta customer service. Sounds like you're just a bit too sensitive.


Sorry for your less than pleasant experience. You should formally address your complaint with Delta Customer Service.

I live in the Atlanta area and I'm a DM (Diamond Medallion) Member.

For the most part I'm usually very happy with the Customer Service I get at Delta. That's why I continue to fly them!

Good Luck

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