My story about Delta: Monday night flight delayed over 2 hours..they moved our seats so some of us we were separated, they overbooked the flight, young children were crying because they were not sitting with their parents, while boarding a technician was walking front to back of plane several times, lights kept going on and off and it was pitch dark, they said he was chasing a "gremlin" (what ever that is?), we were sitting for approx. 45 minutes with hot air blowing on us, finally moved to the runway, as we were taking off people in back of plane were screaming to pilot "STOP THE PLANE, STOP, STOP, DON'T GO, THERE'S A FIRE, THERE'S SMOKE, etc", most people were crying because we had no idea what was happening, flight attendants screaming at people to "SHUT UP"...in the air for about 10 minutes and petrified they announced the smoke was air conditioning condensation not smoke(?), but they were turning around and we were going back, making an emergency landing and not to worry there will be firetrucks and ambulances when we arrive, just precaution they said(?), after getting to gate and waiting on plane for info.

they finally let us off, they did not know what was to happen with flight, after fighting with them that we were not getting back on that plane as were many other people on that flight were, we received a hotel voucher, re-booked for the next day, only to get there and that flight was canceled for maintenance and had to get another flight, finally home!!!! Luckily our luggage was at Bradley because they would not give it back to us in Orlando. I cannot say that I can ever remember being so scared in my entire life!

Delta customer service is the worst and they cannot not handle any problems at the desks to deal with customers after cancellations or problems. Just remember when booking and airline...do not fly Delta!

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