Delta charges $ 150.00 to move a flight to another time. Outrageous!!!

No wonder Southwest kicks their butt. There is no reason for this, a small fee would make sense but not this. $ 300.00 a couple. If you can find another airline even if it costs a little more or takes longer you might want to choose it if there is any possibility you will need to change your plans.

There are other ways for airlines to make money other then taking advantage of customers who simply need to change the time of their flight.

They don't get it, other airlines do. They'll lose out in the long run.

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I wish that I'd seen your post earlier!

I called Delta to request a change to my rewards ticket and their staff had to defend these draconian policies. They even charge $150 for CANCELLING your ticket!

Delta will lose market share to the likes of Southwest if they don't change!

It's too bad for their employees. I've met some good ones.


Weird ...cause they let my boyfriend and I to change our flight for free...

Lampe, Missouri, United States #307051

Completely agree. Just learned this the hard way myself. Never again, Delta!

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