A family of 5 from Australia had arrived at LAX via Delta, and was then told that they did not have onward tickets from Delta, despite the fact that they were holding first class full fare boarding cards. And that when this family insisted that they did have tickets, the Delta gate agent called LAX PD and accused the travelers of being aggressive and dangers to air security.

Since I have had a very similar situation occur to me where Delta insisted I did not have tickets that I very clearly did have, and then threatened to call the police rather than clear the matter up, I wonder if this is a frequent call for your department?

It was clear to me that the Delta agent was expecting the travelers (who were behaving very well, calm, and polite) to be intimidated by the police and thus shut up and go away. The body language of the Delta agent was hostile to officers and passengers, and I was sure that the agent was in the wrong and knew it.

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