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July 14, 2010 I was travelling from Burlington,VT to Nashville with my 4 children and another child who is a friend of the family. We had no issues with check in but were told that the flight was delayed 45 mins.

We were given boarding passes with seat assignments for both legs of the trip. We were also told that we may not make our connection in Detroit because of the delay. The ticketing agent told me that we should proceed to the gate in Detroit (the other departure may also be delayed) but if we missed it then all other flights to Nashville were full. We would be taken care of in Detroit at the gate.

The gate in Burlington was complete chaos with only one agent at the desk and a line of at least 10 people waiting to speak with her. She had another flight to NY which was over 1 1/2 hours late leaving to deal with and angry customers all over. When it was our turn to board, only one of the 6 boarding passes worked (the one that did work was the child who was travelling with us). The boarding agent told us not to worry and to just board which we did.

Upon arrival late in Detroit we (me and 5 kids aged 8-14) ran to our next gate and to our relief they had just started boarding people who need assistance. We waited for zone 3 to be called and proceeded to the gate. again, only one boarding pass worked 9the child travelling with us). The gate agent told me that 5 of our 6 seats had been given away and the plane was full.

I asked to speak with a supervisor whose name was david miller. He informed me that there was nothing he could do and that there were only 2 seats available and i could send 2 of the kids on or and the rest of us would have to stay in detroit over night. while argueing with him they proceeded to close the gate door. I asked them to remove the people from the plane that had our seats.

no explanation was given for giving our seats away. we were on time for both flights and had been given boarding passes and seats for both. we were given $6 food vouchers and $25 coupons for future flights.

we arranged a flight to huntsville, alabama and I paid a neighbor $100 to come and pick us up in our van. Our luggage was on the Nashville flight and was delivered to us the following day at noon.

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did you contact DELTA about this issue

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