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Forget the long story Deltas apology for stranding a family with very young children was Delta coupons!!! Let's make a profit for our poor service and our untrained and uncaring airline representatives.

We represent thousands of dollars in miles logged but Delta Apology was " sorry your trip didn't go as planned. The gate door was closed 10 minutes early and continued to sit at the gate while the delta personal said too bad. Will put you on a flight in Two days. What should do in between?

Not our problem go see some one else. Hey We are coming home in three days. Too bad! Did delta take responsibility .

No way.

Did they even refund the tickets. No way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Delta Airlines Flight.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Delta Airlines Cons: Lack of taking responsibility, Customer service, Treatmentof uncaring staff, Food.

  • Don t Fly Delta
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You were late. Take responsibility for your actions.

Departure time is just that, not the last moment to board. Do you think that you should be able to board up to the last minute and make hundreds of other passengers wait for you.

Airline give out seats to standbys and close the door 10 to 15 minutes before departure. That is why Delta says " Additionally, you are required to be at the gate and ready to board at least 15 minutes before your scheduled departure time." If you were there at the gate 15 minutes before departure, why didn't you board.

Oh, I see. You failed to be there 15 minutes before as required, i.e. you were late. If you had been there 15 minutes before departure, it would not have mattered if they shut the door at 10 minutes before departure because you would have already been on board.

So you came running up a few minutes before departure, and expect to get on board. Did you take responsibility for your failure to be at the gate 15 minutes prior to departure "NO WAY." Should you get a refund for your failure to be on time: "NO WAY."

When you complain, please take responsibility and include such facts as you were late.

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