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I called in about a change I wanted to make and they stated their policy would not allow them to override a fee. I have used Delta to fly at least 10 times in 2011 business and pleasure and I have Delta Skymiles.

I spoke to 2 managers tonight, Karen Shua and Terry Mathews and they display the worst customer service I have EVER experienced. They cut me off, speak over me, yelled and have rude attitudes. If you are not happy with your career in service you should quit. I hope Delta pulls those recordings and terminates both employees.

I run a call center myself and if I ever heard my agents deal with a customer the way they did, they would be gone. Delta just lost another customer.

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Terry Matthews is a MONSTER on a power trip. When I missed my flight due to a pulled tendon in my foot and not making it to the gate on time, he added to the trauma I was experiencing.

My father-in-law had just been given 48 hours to live and was still 2,000 miles away from me. Terry made one of the worst days of my life even worse by threatening to cancel my flight.


I had the same *** (Terry Mathews) and he was rude, disrespectful and unprofessional. Guys like him should be canned. I hate Delta.


Delta lost me too. I had an equally horrible customer service experience. The staff are rude and poorly trained.

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