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My husband is an rather high employee with the federal government. They said they will give us vouchers for our next flight with them. DO THEY think we are nuts!

Out of .... 5 planes Justin was too take, one was tooo late that he missed the connecting flight and had to wait until the next day (three hours ...delayed to be exact not due to weather), The next day his flight to Atlanta was on time, then in Atlanta the next flight was Delayed for an hour and half again not to weather, Putting him home EVEN LATER!

Then today they called and delayed the flight an hour and a half to leave, we get to the airport on time to find out they changed it back to its regular time.... and it was boarding when he got there and they would not let him on.He even played the voice mail for them. They informed us that is not their problem. Even thought he did not have any bags to check. Then We had to pay over 400.00 for another ticket... and he got DELAYED over an hour n Memphis.... again not due to weather. Just not got to Savanna where his classmate bless him, picked him up at the air port for the hour drive back to their hotels... (which is where his original ticket was meant to land), so he did not have to rent a car. They have to be up at 5am! go delta!

All the delays were due to maintenance issues .... I want to fly in a safe plane but ... if you have that many issues .,... maybe you should be inspected and have a better customer service program.

My husband is a Supervisory Special Agent ... he knows many others thanks to this weekend... none of them will be approving flights through Delta for Employees anymore... that is .... more than you can imagine in employees. Fantastic how people stand together. My kids my 8 and 4 months had not seen their daddy in 6 weeks. Do you know how much a baby changes in 6 weeks. I had to tell my son that even though Daddy bought the tickets weeks before that he could not make it home Friday night. I had to sit here while my son busted into tears wanting to know why daddy did not come home and if it was because of him. We had to rearrange our entire weekend. It was beyond an horrible experience. To know so many others were effected. Some trying to get to their homes that had been hit by F4 tornadoes to see if anything was left.

We spent good HARD earned money to see each other for just a few days. Delta ruined it and expected 175.00 in voucher to be used with their company to cover it. A 27.00 food voucher only redeemable in the Atlanta air port, and the voucher to cover the taxi... enough ... I think not.

Review about: Delta Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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