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We were booked on Delta Airlines from Manchester, NH to El Paso Texas, with a layover in Atlanta. Our flight from Manchester was delayed at the gate because of high winds in Atlanta. When we enquired about making our connection we were told it would be fine as the second leg of our flight was also delayed in Atlanta. We arrived in Atlanta 30 minutes late and had to hustle from the A terminal to the C terminal.

We arrived at the gate at 7:30 and were told boarding would begin at 7:50. I stepped around the corner to purchase a sandwich and returned to the gate at 7:45. I approached the lady at the gate and she held up one finger in a "wait a minute" gesture, and walked away from me. She walked to the gate and down the jetway, closing the door behind her. Another lady who was waiting tried to follow her by opening the door, and a Delta employee came over and told her not to do that. The customer said, "I have a seat on that flight" to which the Delta employee said, "the gate is closed, you missed the flight." There were 5 of us, plus this other lady all standing there saying "hold on, we were here, she just walked away and left us standing here". The Delta employee refused to contact the gate agent, refused to attept to let us board, and threatened to call security when we became angry. I have never seen such an uncaring attitude from a person alledgedly in "customer service" He truley did not care that we were being left behind. He directed us to Delta customer service a few gates away. I used a phone to talk to someone at Delta who told me that there were no other flights that night, and that they would schedule me for the next morning.

After rebooking, my phone rang and one of our group who had made it on the plane, called to tell me that the plane was still at the gate and hadn't even left yet. This was over 20 minutes from the time that we were denied boarding!

In fairness to Delta, another employee at customer service did arrange for a hotel and $7 food voucher for the 5 people in my party, I didn't get his name, but his kindness was sure appreciated. As for the lady at the gate who walked away from me and closed the gate, Shame on you!

I won't threaten to never fly Delta again, I can't say that. I fly 40 weeks a year as do the 8 other people I work with. So, I will probably fly Delta again, but not because I want to. But, I will spit on the ground every time I hear the name "Delta".

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Wow, what a crappy way to treat people!! She should be fired for her uncaring attitude.

I would have used the "C" word with her!!! Bye the way are there any good airlines nowadays?

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