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I am so disappointed in Delta Airlines. This is the second time I've been upset and angry enough to actually email a complaint with Delta.

I booked a flight for my mother to come stay with me for a surgery I was having. The first flight was cancelled and she was put on the late flight that same day. Then that flight was delayed and they landed at 7:35pm in Detroit with her next flight leaving at 7:45pm. The flight attendants told the passengers that the connecting flights were aware of the situation and were waiting for the passengers to arrive.

By time the passengers got off the plane it was 7:46pm and my mother found out that her flight not only DIDN'T WAIT, but left EARLIER than the scheduled time!!! This is absolutely unacceptable. Not only was this Delta's fault for the delay but also for the early departure and act of neglecting the delayed passengers. THEN Delta has the nerve to make my mother PAY for a hotel since the next flight out isn't until the morning.

Customer service gave her no hotel voucher and no food vouchers for the inconvenience due to Delta. This is beyond unacceptable and enraging. In the past Delta has delayed me for 5 plus hours, lost my luggage, and another time delayed me causing me to have to stay overnight.

On top of those horrible experiences, they caused my mom to miss getting here on time for my surgery AND made her pay for it. I gave Delta numerous chances and I can honestly say that i now HATE Delta and will do all i can to never fly with them again.

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This is the worst experience I have ever had. I have flown

many many times on different airlines and this is by far the worst sort

of incompetence I had ever experienced. Delta failed my family which

included a 7 month old baby on so many levels on flight DL462 Nassau to

Atlanta and Atlanta to Baton Rouge on November 25th 2012. The only thing

we will remember now is the *** we went through just trying to get home

from what was originally a fun family vacation. First off the flight was

overbooked to begin with and volunteers were offered hotel stay and a

$600 voucher and meals and transportation. But we were unsure if we

would have enough infant formula to stay. Even though we now wish we

had. The failure of airplane mechanics was the start of it all with a

stuck fuel valve according to the captain that was an “easy quick fix”.

Only problem was that Delta decided that it did not need a mechanic on

site in Nassau. The captain had to leave the plane to go try and track

down someone who could fix it. The only one on the airport that he was

told that could fix it was with Bahamian Air. After an hour and half

delay waiting for this guy to come fix the airplane we were told he

could not work on the type of plane we were on. Why wasn't this asked

before we were sitting there for almost 2 hours. Then they contacted

someone on the island to come and fix it. Mean while I have a screaming

baby in my arms that is completely unhappy because he is feeling cramped

and doesn't want to just sit on a hot plane. The following times are

approximate: 4:50pm - Pre-boarded with an infant in arms 5:40pm - Push

back and wait on tarmac 5:50pm - Pilot informs us that there is a stuck

fuel starter valve and a call has been placed to BahamasAir 6:00pm -

Pilot informs us that they cannot get a hold of anyone at the other

company. 6:15pm - BahamasAir responds and sends mechanic 6:30pm - Pilot

informs us that he is hopeful mechanic arrives soon 6:45pm - Still no

mechanic 7:00pm - Mechanic shows us after 1 hour to inform us that he is

not certified to work on this Delta plane. Pilot lets us off flight

7:15pm - We board back onto flight after Delta mechanic arrives. (Not

sure why he was not called out regardless) 7:33pm - Flight departs 2

hours late Flight lands in ATL at 9:25pm arrives at gate at 9:33pm. No

food was offered and only small cup of water despite being on the plane

for 2 hours. Delta could have offered complimentary wireless so that we

could make arrangements on flight but did not. Nothing was offered at

all actually not even extra snacks or drink for the inconvenience. Not

to mention the fear added to knowing that we were flying on an engine in

an unknown state of disarray. There wasn't any real sympathy shown

during this whole ordeal. This is an over book flight with many small

children. Let them watch tv., give them internet access, give them

snacks and something to drink...make us feel like you care! Connecting

flight for my family was DL5247 Atlanta to Baton Rouge scheduled to

leave at 9:49pm. In all my previous flights I have waited as passengers

on delayed flights were given time to board. Two weeks ago I flew from

Las Vegas to MSY via Southwest and I was delayed 60 minutes at the gate

for 4 passengers to arrive that had a flight delayed. Prior to that

flying with United I waited 45 minutes while a flight was delayed and

even had the door reopened to allow passengers that were late to board.

NOT DELTA. We were told Delta doesn't hold flights and apparently

doesn't care where there missing passengers are. Even though our flight

was on the ground with 24 minutes to spare due to a Delta caused delay.

Not one of the Delta gate agents for flight 5247 bothered to check where

the 2 passengers and baby were located prior to closing the boarding

gate EARLY. The gate agent that was present to assist while we got off

flight 462 would not assist us. He was more concerned with telling the

Missouri University Basketball team also on flight 462 where to go.

Their flight was held by Delta 35 minutes to allow them to make their

flight. But my family with an infant were ignored by your gate agent.

Finally after 5 min he called the Delta 5247 gate and informed me that

nobody would answer. The flight was still on the ground AT THE GATE at

this moment but there was nothing he could do as no Delta employee would

answer the phone. We told us to go to customer service not even offering

to tell us where that was. Delta Customer service was another issue.

Three very angry women that did not want to help anyone and showing very

rude attitudes to customers. I asked to see a supervisor and was cut off

rudely with “What you want to see a supervisor for” This after telling

them our issue. The Delta representative informed us that they do not

hold gates open for passengers and that our gate closed early, that was

very unusual. Today I see that the flight actually left 10 min late as

well. The now missed flight that was still at the gate while talking to

the Delta Customer Service rep was the last flight out for the night. I

informed the representative that we needed to get back as we were low on

infant formula. She informed us that the next available flight to Baton

Rouge was not until 6pm the next day. That was not acceptable. I asked

about New Orleans and was told that the flight leaving that night was

booked. She gave another assistant our case at this point so she could

go back and forth with the next customer rudely. The new assistant now

informs us that there are two seats that are actually together on the

flight to New Orleans. I said that would be fine if Delta would

reimburse us on a car rental so we could get to Baton Rouge. She said

Delta cannot and will not accommodate us. We would be on our own with a

7 month old with no transportation 80 miles away from our destination.

They offered to again put us in a hotel and I inquired about the

transportation to the hotel as we would need an infant car seat. The

delta employee responded that we could probably borrow one from

somewhere to get to the hotel. A ridiculous suggestion and again

complete uninterested in the well being of an small baby, I agreed to

fly to MSY that night instead. We were told that our checked luggage

would fly with us. These women were not sympathetic, understanding,

caring...instead we were met with rudeness and nasty attitudes for

something that was completely not our faults while holding a 7 month old

crying baby. On arrival in New Orleans we proceeded to luggage claim and

my claim ticket said BTR on it instead of MSY. So I proceeded to baggage

customer service who insisted that our bags would not be our flight and

showed still in ATL but said that BTR was bad at scanning bags so was

likely in BTR. I had to wake my 65 year old father from sleep and ask

him to drive 80 miles to the airport to pick us up and drive us back

because Delta would not pay for our rental. On the way to the Baton

Rouge Airport this morning I checked on my bag to make sure it was

there. Apparently it was some Delta employee’s bright idea to no longer

send our luggage to BTR but rather send it out on the 26th in the

morning to New Orleans instead. So my luggage would not be at the

airport when I arrived but rather 80 miles away where we were never

supposed to land despite my claim tag saying BTR and insistence from

MSY’s claim rep that it would never go to MSY. The Baggage claim # is

8006DL735995. I spoke with a Delta Rep this morning name Joey who is

having the bag transferred to BTR and delivered to my house. This is the

ONLY single Delta employee that has appeared remotely competent in the

entire ordeal. I am personally out the cost of an additional day of

parking at the airport as well at the cost of having someone drive 160

miles round trip to pick me up. The whole ordeal just is a vibrate

display of an airline in complete shambles, unorganized, not

communicating, uncaring, unsympathetic, unapologetic, rude, bad

attitudes, not doing their jobs to insure that customers are making

there flights. I am extremely disappointed and flabbergast at the lack

willingness to compensate and the lack of helpfulness witnessed on our

flight back. Delta should be embarrassed for this incident, the agents

you have hired to "help" customers, where actually yelling at them.

These are distraught individuals that through no fault of there own

needed some compassion. Moreover the complete lack of customer service

and careless regard for a 7 month old child’s safety is appalling. Five

times I heard the Atlanta customer service reps tell other passengers

that they had no power to do anything and their insistence on passing

the buck to someone else. A complete “that’s not my problem, that's not

my job” attitude from all Delta Atlanta airport personnel. We were not

late for a flight this was a Delta error and no care was given to hold

our actual flights gate open at least until its actually scheduled close

time or the willingness by Delta employees to try and make sure to stop

the closing of the gate in advance. I just do not know how I can fly

Delta again with such rude and inconsiderate staff in ATL delta just

truly does not care about its customers in the least. Rest assured this

account will be going on my blog and on all my social media sites to

warn people in advance, that this is the type of service you will

receive if you decide to fly Delta. Along with any response you might

send or not send. The kicker is that we had a baby with us and no one

cared or concerned themselves with that. Total disregard for customers

and their family is what you get when you fly DELTA!

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