Pierre, South Dakota

Perfect example, here in Pierre South Dakota at this moment, we are in a full blown blizzard. You can't see past your front yard, streets are blocked and windchills are dangerous.

BUT, Delta Airlines is telling all their passengers,"we are flying, risk your life and get to the airport for the afternoon flight" hope you make it alive. They always do this, won't cancel a flight to save someones life or to keep from getting passengers stuck at the airport, but, will cancel flights for on clear days for crew rest?

what the heck is that? So *** delta.

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Oh one more thing, the crew needs to rest, there are a minimum amount of hours mandated by the FAA (that's Federal Aviation Administration for you), I wouldn't want to get on a flight with a sleepy pilot.

As the previous poster says in his/her screenname: why don't you cry me a river.


That is such a Bull*, Delta, like any other airlines will cancel the flight for bad weather because airplanes are subject to certain minimums which are mandated by the aircraft manufacturer (Boeing, Airbus, Canadair, etc.) plus it's the control tower that clears the airplane for take-off.

Of course they'll tell you to go to the airport, the weather could clear up and/or go above the minimum and clear for take-off.

On top of that your airport only serves regional jets which have totally different requirements in weather than larger airplanes.

You are just whining out of ignorance.


I bet if that flight was cancelled in that winter weather, everyone would still be complaining.

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