I received an email explaining that my flight to Tampa was no longer available for 2/18/17. I originally purchased the tickets for this flight in May.

The new flight changed our arrival time by 2 hours. I booked this earlier flight because we are leaving on a cruise out of Tampa at 4pm which requires us to arrive at least 90 minutes prior to departure. The new flight would have allowed us a little more than an hour to de-board the plane, get our luggage & get to the port. Obviously this would be cutting it way too close.

I was offered to cancel the flights...not an option with the cruise already planned. Fly in or out of another airport...also not an option since any airports are at least 1.5 hours away or to fly in the night before. Flying in the night before was an option but would require a hotel stay resulting in an additional cost. The price of the new flight coming in the night before was $197 less than what I paid back in May.

I was offered the option to cancel & rebook however I was not able to use this since I used miles for one ticket & a portion of another one. Delta was not willing to offer me any other compensation for the money I am now out for the hotel plus an additional day of parking & will have to leave work early to make a 5:55pm flight. I was willing to accept that a credit for the cost difference was not possible or a hotel voucher but the fact that I was denied something as simple as a credit in the form of frequent flyer miles so I could continue to enjoy their airlines or a seat upgrade seems to me to be unacceptable! I fly Delta for both personal travel & business & I currently have two other trips booked with Delta, one of which is international.

I realize that flight plans can change especially when flights are booked months ahead of time & usually I have accepted these changes but in this case I was unable to for a very good reason. The fact that they were unwilling to do anything for inconveniencing a loyal customer is extremely disappointing. Apologies do not go far in a case that is a "win win" for Delta & a "lose lose lose" for the customer. The response I got when I sent an email with my displeasure was as follow, "We apologize for the inconvenience to your travel plans this schedule change has caused you and your husband.

While I certainly understand the impact of this change on your plans, unfortunately, we do not offer amenities or compensation, such as hotel accommodations or upgrades. When schedule changes on a flight are necessary, we try to notify all confirmed passengers or their travel agents of the new flight information as quickly as possible. Customers whose flights have been affected have the option to be re-accommodated to another Delta flight without cost. Customers who choose not to be re-accommodated have the option of a refund if applicable.

However, Delta will not cover expenses that are a result of an advanced schedule change. Delta does not care about customers!

Product or Service Mentioned: Delta Airlines Flight.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Flight schedules change,flights get delayed.If you have a cruise or a wedding or some important event you don't want to miss you should always fly in the day before to give yourself extra time for the unexpected.


Yeah if it is something important like a cruise or wedding it is always a good idea to go a day before to ensure you make it in time.All airlines have delays and its a risk you take when scheduling things so close.

Parkersburg, West Virginia, United States #1263626

First, you buy a ticket to get there, not a guarantee as to the time. The second point is that you failed to properly select a flight when you initially bought the ticket.

You admit that even with the original flight you only had a little more than 3 hours from the scheduled arrival time to deplane, get your luggage, and get to the port. Were you serious when you selected this original schedule?

Your location is listed as Duluth, Minnesota, so we assume you fly from there to Tampa--doubtful if non-stop. Let's see: February 18th-Minnesota-snow-Check. Planes delayed by weather-CHECK; Flight takes longer to load or unload passengers or baggage-CHECK.

Flights delayed for any other reason-Check. You chose a flight that cut it so close, you were not going to make your cruise whether the flight went or not.

Only if everything(including flight time, baggage time, traffic at port) went perfectly. For a cruise the only reasonable flight is one that arrives the night before.

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