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On August 1, 2012, We had tickets with Delta to Leave St Louis Airport (STL) with layover at New York's ( JFK) with ultimate destination at Frankfort, Germany (FRA) airport..When we signed in at STL we were told our flight to JFK was delayed and it would be close to our connection time before we arrived. The ticket agent placed us on an earlier flight that was also delayed but had 4 empty seats for our 2 friends and my wife and myself. We asked to make sure our luggage would make the connection and was told it would be loaded first. My wife had one smaller bag with our prescriptions and personal items in it. I had a large bag with gifts for our children including frozen food perishables in it. When we checked in we were told my wife's bag was oversize even tho other bags larger were carried on by other people thru other Delta agents. Rather than cause a problem, we allowed the bag with our prescriptions in it to be stowed with rest of our luggage. We did carry on a small bag with 2 travel pillows in it.

When we arrived at JFK airport, we immediately went to our next gate and asked the attending Delta agent to check on our bags. The two for our friends and my wife's bag were all accounted for. My checked bag with all our gifts and perishables was missing. The Delta agent was irritated when I went back about 35 minutes later to recheck on my lost bag but finally agreed to check online. She determined MY checked bag had been sent to Seattle, Washington (SEA) airport but would catch up with us by the time we landed in Frankfort.. Ok, we are still all right because the food is frozen in an Insulated storage container and would be ok for the time being.

We boarded the flight to FRA and no real problems except the boarding pass for me would not work. I finally got on board the flight. We arrived at FRA and went thru Customs to pickup our luggage.

We arrive at pick up area and NONE of our luggage comes out. We go to Delta luggage counter and 55 minutes later finally receive an answer that apparently our luggage has been rerouted to Atlanta, Georgia, but it will be here in Frankfort, Germany the next morning and Delta will have it delivered to our family at Ramstein Air Base. OK . We leave 2 contact numbers with agent to call for updates. NO CALLS FROM DELTA.

We call next morning to Delta Baggage Agent and we are told it will be in anytime and driver is waiting for it. We again verify contact numbers.

We finally receive a call from delivery service about 10:00 am that they will be delivering all of our luggage about 7:00 p.m. to the base. They even describe the bags in their possession.

We then make arrangements for close friends at the base to meet at gate and pick up our luggage. We wait on our friends to call after pickup and they do not call. We then called our friends to see if they have been contacted and no, they were not and were still waiting at gate an hour after scheduled the scheduled delivery time. We then called the Delta baggage claim and they said the delivery company was VERY hard to contact and they (Delta) will NOT give us a contact number for the delivery company. Over the next 3 days we had multiple calls TO DELTA baggage claims and could NOT receive a straight answer up to the point that we decided that we would have to change our travel plans and go to Delta baggage claims and pick it up ourselves. We then called Delta baggage claim and asked to pick it up at airport ourselves as it had ALL of our clothes and PRESCRIPTION Medication included in this luggage. We were then told delivery driver again had our luggage and we could NOT pick it up. Again we asked for a contact number for delivery service and, again, Delta would NOT give us a phone number.

We were traveling on vacation and we were making a LOT of cell phone calls to try to resolve the baggage issues to no avail.

We were discussing what step to make next because of prescriptions that Delta lost when we remembered that the delivery service had called 1 time… My Son looked thru his cellphone incoming call listings and determined that one number should be from the delivery service. We then called several numbers with final call being the delivery service. They told us that they had an incorrect number to set up delivery. They could not explain why they had been able to contact us 1 time or why the delivery service or Delta had not been in contact to resolve the problem. It had been up to us to make arrangements to get our luggage. Absolutely no help from Delta claims and all we received were different answers to the same questions depending on the agent we were talking to.


When we received our luggage we had to throw our perishable foods and we had already replaced some personal items but had been unable to replace prescriptions on short notice. We had to do without our meds for the 5 days!!

On our trip back from FRA To JFK Airport August 10, 2012, My boarding pass would not work. AGAIN. I was finally allowed on plane after override from a supervisor. We arrived at JFK Airport and immediately went to baggage claim and found ALL of our luggage. We were then confronted by a Delta agent who told us our flight to STL was CANCELED and we would have to rebook. We then go to an assigned place and then we are led to another place where very nice supervisor finally reserves a room at doubletree hotel for the night. The ticket agent then prints all four of our boarding passes for next evening…. 22 hours later..

We come back to JFK about 3 hours early for our flight and decide to check our luggage. WE CANNOT CHECK OUR LUGGAGE because the ticket agent the night before did not print our luggage tags. The agent at check in was on the phone attempting to get an override for our luggage. She finally talked to a real person at Delta and explained the problem to that person who then put her on hold for another 25 minutes before she could print off all our luggage tags..

We finally got our luggage checked in after standing with the Delta agent 1 hour and 47 minutes….

We then went to our gate and waited for our connection. Upon attempting to board, AGAIN I WAS NOT ALLOWED TO BOARD until a supervisor override..

We then flew to Detroit Airport (Changed from night before). We hurried down and picked up our luggage and went to our gate. The agent said we were at right gate on time. A few minutes later the same agent announced that our flight was overbooked and Delta was making offers to change flights..WE SAID NO… The agent then announced boarding and we went to checkin line and AGAIN MY PASS WAS NOT ALLOWED. The agent told me to stand aside and she boarded other persons behind me. I am remembering that flight is OVERBOOKED. I finally get back in line again and this time agent calls for a supervisor to override so I can get on my flight finally to STL.

We have flown many times with primarily Southwest airlines and have NEVER had ANY problems as the story I have just written…I am really disappointed with the way Delta handled our entire trip and it will be at the BOTTOM of any travel plans in the future…EVEN IF I HAVE TO PAY MORE!!

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Delta CEO Richard Anderson uses the words honesty and integrity when defining the "Delta Difference". However, Delta lost my wife's luggage on her way to India due to a 5-hour delayed Delta flight and a strike in Paris.

Two weeks later, Delta has taken no responsibility and offered no help. Our luggage remains lost and Delta does absolutely nothing. Worst of all, Delta personnel have repeatedly lied about the strike in Paris which was well covered in the news. Other passengers lost luggage.

Contact me on Facebook if you lost your luggage with Delta in Paris in June. I will be pursuing legal action.

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