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We got in plan fron Atlanta to Portland Or.

Out of 6 check bags only 5 arrived. after check with the counter a new tracking/file PDXDLXXXXX # issued to us . no one is will to help other then saying : we are sorry, we are sorry.

As of 5/15/2008 no one from PDX airport security or delta airline have any one checking the claim tickets once the bags arrives. So it is easy to pick up any bag and walk out wityh out any one checking or asking any question.

Airport security blams the airline and airline blams the airport while we as a tax paying citizens are geting shafted.

Delta airline do not have any kind of scaning systems like other airlines do. So once you bag is lost then there is almost zero chance for it to be found.

Do not fly Delta airline and do not check your bags.


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