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On Sunday, May 30th I took a flight from Houston to Atlanta leaving at 10:30am EST with my 10 week old son, flight #1247. We arrived to Atlanta at approximately 12:30EST with plenty of time for me to reach the Concourse C gate I was leaving out of for my 1:48PM flight to Canton-Akron, flight #6254. Once I arrived to the gate around 1:00pm with my carryon luggage behind me pushing my stroller with my 10 week old son I was informed that for some unknown reason Delta made the decision to downgrade the flight. When asked what that meant, they informed me that Delta chose to send a smaller plane than was originally planned and seats sold against. Therefore there were 20 more seats sold than were available on that particular aircraft. Because the seats I was originally assigned didn't take into consideration my travel with an infant they had to take away my assigned seats prior to my Atlanta flights and give me seat request forms for both flights. Since I didn't have an assigned seat, I was placed in the *** to basically wait for people to give up their seats to get a seat on the plane. That is very frustrating that Delta would make that decision on Memorial Day weekend, but it is not the main part of my complaint.

When I approached the gate agents I politely asked why I wasn't accommodated to be on the flight already based on the fact that I had an infant on my record. They said I didn't have a seat assignment and said I was on the list to be confirmed, no reason given. I then said I would expect to be at the top of the list since I was traveling with an infant. They said very matter of factly that the list was based on medallion membership and how much was paid for the ticket. When I asked how could that be and why would they not be making an exception for an infant traveler they blandly restated the flight was downgraded and they had to go by the rules. Needless to say I didn't get put on that flight and I was made to sit in the Atlanta airport until the 6:56PM flight (flight #5598) to try to be on STANDBY since they actually confirmed me the NEXT MORNING. I explained to them that I would not have enough formula or diapers for my son due to not anticipating any type of problem of this magnitude (it was a sunny day all the way from Atlanta to Canton-Akron, so no weather was expected as an issue).

I eventually got on that flight and then it was delayed for maintenance issues until 8:35PM. So, I basically was in an airport or on a plane with my infant son from 9:30am to 10:00pm on Memorial Day Sunday. I cannot believe there is not a policy that accommodates those traveling with infants when a change is made that Delta initiates for its own benefit. The $200 voucher that was given is nowhere near enough consideration for what I had to go through. I hope they reconsider their policy in the future because EVERYONE I have talked to about this cannot believe how they acted at the gate. Delta is not getting a good name from this, for sure.

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AL, Thats has nothing to do if she flies a lot or not.

The gate AGENT was wrong, familes take priority on the stand by list not medallions.

Infants go to the top of the list, not diamond, not plat, not gold, and not silver.


Yes, I do fly quite a bit. As I mentioned in my post I did get a travel voucher so I understand the law. My point was in regards to the infant policy when choosing who gets priority in the rebooking/accomodation when giving seats on an oversold plane.


Don't fly much do you? This is n't just Delta - all of the airlines have a knack of doing this. If you indeed were bumped from your original flight, they owed you some relief (money or travel voucher)- this is fed law, not airline or airport rules.

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