I am too upset over the treatment by Delta agents over a recent flight change due to a recent death in the family which changed a prepaid and prescheduled flight. The return leg of the originally scheduled flight ended up being paid for 3 times because of the uninformed agents who forgot to explain the procedure, gave us misinformation and the heartless agents/supervisors down the line who just couldn't help...even though it was their employee who had given out the wrong information.

We have avoided Delta for years because every flight has some problem but this one takes the cake. I could have sent my son to Europe and back for less than what I spent from New York to Tampa and Nashville back to New York. Would you believe $1600? I would take a Greyhound bus before I ever flew Delta again...and they wonder why they have problems???

I pity the poor people who live in Atlanta and have very few choices. JLM - Tampa Bay Never Delta Again..EVER

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