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In Sept I Purchased 6 round trip tickets on Delta airlines for a flight in Dec on the 9th from Anchorage to Denver at 6 am. I Reserved all the seats together think If I do this early enough we will be able to sit together since there will be 4 children ages 7,4,2 and 6 months.

Today my Daughter checked in and printed the boarding passes out and found out She ( my 27 year old daughter ) was sitting by herselfin23 A, her 7 year old son was sitting by himself in 22 F , the 4 and 2 year old boys were sitting together in an aisle a few rows away in 29 E and F . My wife their grand mother was in the plane by herself in 37 D. I called reservation and they told me sorry there was nothing they can do to help. I had called Delta on Dec.

1st and complained about the seating situation that was sent to me then where they were split up and was the agents then changed the seating around then so that 2 boys were with there mom and 2 were with Grandma. One week later and they get moved around and its worse. I talked to a supervisor who said sorry When we purchase tickets on the flight we aren't guaranteed seating together do to flight changes. He said sorry the kids have to sit by themselves and there is nothing he can do about it.

How does this make parents feel. Who are these kids sitting buy. I'm not say everyone in this world is depraved or a maniac but I do not know the people they are sitting by.

Am I wrong for being highly upset over this situation? I am sure there would be a lot of other grandparents and parents out there that would be just as upset as I am.

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After taking many flights in my life and seeing first hand the kindness of others when it comes to parents sitting by their small children, I know that all will okay at the time of the flight. Kind people that are flying alone & don't care where they sit(as is the case on early am flights/businessmen fly at those times) Someone will offer to change seats to fix the situation.

The flight attendants will help get this done for you I'm sure. I do understand your frustration though & Delta needs a class in Customer Service, they sound heartless! I hope everything goes smoothly the day of.

Have a great trip! :)


to the USMCDEATH reject your a ***. OOHRA


Get over yourself The kids probably need a break from all off you anyhow. Let them fly in peace.

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