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My wife and I had to hop off our flight at the very last minute because of a panic attack. We were assured we could rebook within a year.

10 months later I tried to rebook. They said the rebooking must be one year before the booking not the time of the flight. We were NOT told this. I asked if we booked a flight a year in advance and had to cancel wouldn't it mean we couldn't rebook again.

They said yes! That isn't fair. For our $900. loss because of lack of accurate information we were offered a $50.

credit. Not thanks we'll fly SW Airlines.

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sorry to break it to you but those are the fare rules, you did not nuy a refundable tix therefore you should not get credit for the flight.

you bought the ticket thru delta to fly delta, then there was an incident beyond deltals control, not you want delta to give you credit on that.

H ave you bought a baseball ticket for a game, and you miss the game, then you show up to the gate the faloowing game, and ask to let you since you did not use the ticket for the correct game, same deal with delta, when you bought the tix you should have rear the fare rules, at the right lower corner of the web page.

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