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i booked a flight online. the return date was wrong. i talked to a supervisor and was told what the change fee was. when i called about an hr later it was $ 77.00 more.

this is the second time online booking screwed up and i had to pay $ 100.00 plus dollars.

i tried to get another supervisor was put on hold, and the call went to the survey.

this air line sucks. its all about $$$$$ no customer service.

having to pay additional 1/2 fee for their system screw up is bs. i will not book with delta again.

Review about: Delta Airlines Flight Booking.

Monetary Loss: $145.

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San Salvador, San Salvador, El Salvador #595265

take a minute to check te flight summary before clicking on purchase now, its your fault stop blaming delta for something that you did not check also withing 24hrs you have the option to void your flight and reschedule


Amen, Nikalseyn. Out of the 90 or more people I speak to in a day, a minimum of 30 can't properly operate ballpoint pen or read simple instructions.

But each one of them is certain that he or she has been personally wronged by online processing. Or the mail. Or some other general entity. When it is all about checking your own work.

If you could screw up for free why would anybody double check? If the millions of travelers could each call up at any minute and move things around? And do you s'pose most of them will be individual travelers, or families and other groups. It would cost $17,000 to get from Indy to Chicago whenever the heck Delta felt like hiring enough staff to do all this "accommodating".

My husband is a frequent Operator Error victim. I do not blame anyone for refusing to act like they owe him free nonsense-control services. You know who never ever has a problem with dates or tickets or orders? My sister.

She makes her list and checks it twice. Yes, Virginia, there is such a thing as a glitch. And those are pretty evenly distributed for us to suffer.

But I think we can agree that if the threshold for unbearable treatment is having to pay extra if, for example, you are a "back" button user and don't double check when you submit, the elf is probably going to be switching airlines again soon.

to hurdlechik Jupiter, Florida, United States #597440

i always check everything closely. this happened to me twice,

and i paid extra twice.


before you confirm your flights, it gives you the opportunity to ensure you have input the correct data, like dates, times, etc. Apparently, you did not carefully look at what you were purchasing. The airline has every right to charge you a change fee as the mistake was on your part, not theirs.

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