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On August 19th I took Delta airlines from New York to Burlington Vermont. Once I deboarded and got to the car rental in the airport I realised I had left my passport on the plane.

I ran back and tried to get someone to look on board only to be told the plan had already left and had gone out to Pittsburgh to get passengers. I had a lengthy conversation with the airport manager who said she would contact Pittsburgh and look into the matter. I was told someone would call me with an update. When I got to my hotel I further telephoned Delta customer care and the automated system said in the case of lost and found situations a passenger should fill out an online form because there is rarely any information an agent can provide.

WHAT!!??? This is a passport, not some lipgloss or a book! I finally got a sales rep who said she would try to contact Pittsburgh as well and again someone would call me. By noon the next day I had received no call.

I telephoned Delta and after pushing several buttons and talking to several don't carish people I got a woman who said that Delta's policy is if they don't find an item they don't bother to call!!! After I insisted that I would appreciate if she would at least confirm if Pittsburgh ground crew ever even looked on the plane, she put me on hold for 20 minutes. After she came back on she said a passport was found but it was in a lock box and they did not know who it belonged to. The person with the key was not in yet and no-one knew when they would be in.

Again I was told someone would call me. On Saturday morning I drove back to Burlington airport and the manager there said the passport was being sent back to her attention from Pittsburgh via Detroit on the 4:15 flight. I asked if someone could call when it arrived. On Sunday morning I got a call saying the passport had not arrived on the flight.

They were trying to contact Pittsburgh to find out why. On Monday morning I went back to the airport to be told it STILL had not arrived and now they had no idea where it was. The crew in Pittsburgh said it left there and the crew in Detroit had no idea where it was!!!!!! I was then told by a particularly rude staff member that Delta did not lose my passport, that I did!

I left it on the plane, I did not lose it!!! Delta retrieved it and in 3 days had lost it somewhere in the abyss of US States!!!!! On Tuesday morning I returned (August 23rd) and I was told a passport had finally arrived and guess wasn't mine!!! It was a US passport for a man!

Needless to say I missed my flight. I have had to rebook with American for my connection at a cost of $300, pay for additional car rental for a day - $50, I am losing a days pay $300 and it will cost me $250 to replace my UK passport!!!!!!! Delta seems to feel that they should not have to compensate me for any of that. I was even told they are not in the business of returning 'small' packages or items so they must not have a policy.

Policy?!?!?! It takes common sense! Send it fedex or have staff who can coordinate something fairly simple. I will never fly DELTA again.

I am disgusted with their level of consideration and customer service. They could not organize a drunken brawl in a brewery!!!!! Yes I take ownership for being forgetful and leaving it in the first place. But they found it, and in 4 days they could not manage to get it from Pittsburgh back to Burlington safely.

It's basically PATHETIC! Not to mention I have wasted gas on all the trips and will have a huge cell bill or the numerous calls.

Anyway thanks for listening to my story. Sincerely, Jennifer a.k.a - disheartened and disgusted

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Need to hold on to the passport a little more tightly OP.

Sounds like a mess. But I don't think the airline is responsible for your passport.

How many millions of people fly Delta every year? I don't imagine my 1 little self is their only passenger and neither should you.

(I just don't understand why people don't take responsibility for their actions...... )


Wow Robster! I think I should contact medical journal and perhaps guiness world book of records to let them know that there must actually be such a thing as a perfect person!

Imagine that! By virtue of your comment you must be perfect and you couldn't possibly ever have made a human error! Yes, I left it on purpose.

Thank you so much for that incredibly insightful piece of advice. ***!


Guess you should keep such an important document with you at all times then...

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