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Delta allow a man to stand and yell to the top of his lungs about president elect trump and called anyone opposing trump "Hillary ***" without repercussions. Disturbing other passengers and some where even afraid for their safety...

But, because someone did not comply with boarding procedures, she was dragged (literally) from the aircraft by local law enforcement as well as face charges!

WTF Delta, is this fair? I really am not happy with the way things are handled and need to take my business to another airline....not only do you pick and choose the issues that you want to address, but your customer service is terrible!

Product or Service Mentioned: Delta Airlines Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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Coon Rapids, Minnesota, United States #1255994

If all he was doing was yelling than noone was afraid for their safety. Either you are greatly embellishing or people are wimps. Sounds like someone doesn't like to hear about political views different than theirs so they are whining.


"Without repercussions" is perhaps a lifetime ban from Delta. Seems fair to me. When are people going to realize that airlines have total control on what happens on a plane?

Ft. Worth, Texas, United States #1255311

A little over dramatic are we: "afraid for their safety." First, employees may not even have heard this. Second, what is yelling at the top of the lungs to one person, may simply be someone heard of hearing talking loudly to another.

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