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I had to fly Delta and I informed all staff that I have a siever allergy to seafood. I told them all I have to do is smell it and I have to use my eppie pin.

They told me in Atlata airport that they only do anything for peanuts. They can not make people not eat their food they brought on the plaine. Well I did have to use my meds and had to use oxegen from the plaine. the staff then became concerned because I could die.

all the people on the plaine were very upset the elderly couple who were in their late 80's had to move the wife was very concerned that I would die. so was I . I was asked if the plaine should land somewhere to get me off the plaine. I told them to get me home not in some strainge city I know no one and they don't know me.

I recieved a call the nexted day and the women said sorry but it is our pollice not to make other people in convence so I should not fly and to bad it happened but not thier fault it was mine date this happened was 8-29-12.

please help me close them down. thank you

Monetary Loss: $280.

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maybe, stay home, and learn how to spell. I think it was NICE of Delta to call and see how you were doing.


I am going to have to agree with the other reply. It's unfortunate that you have an allergy and it's unfortunate that you had a reaction. However, you should not expect a plane full of people to be inconvenienced for you.


This is a joke, right? You had allergies.

They did not serve seafood. What is your problem. You sound like a real ***.

Evryone elseshould be inconvenienced for you. Get a life!

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