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I booked a flight on Delta for 333.00 On my way to the airport, I had a flat tire and was unable to make my flight. I contacted Delta and asked if I could leave on a later flight the same day.

The agent checked and said I could, but it would be a change fee of $150.00. I reluctantly agreed, but when he gave me my total, it was $428.00. I asked why $428 and he said I had to pay the difference between my original ticket and the ticket on the new flight. I reminded him I only paid $333 for the original ticket, and now to leave on a later flight, they were charging more than the entire flight.

I told him Delta was crazy if they thought I would fall for that *** tactic.

I would rather pay $500 on another carrier that acted with integrity, than pay a crook. Delta wonders why they have such a bad reputation, well they suck and deserve to be put out of business by southwest.

Review about: Delta Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $333.

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