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On August 28th, 2008 my husband and I set out to JKF Airport in NY. We arrived at 6am ready to check in for our 8:30am flight to Miami International Airport. We were to embark on our honeymoon vacation at 2pm aboard the Carnival Fascination Ship (with destinations to Key West and Cozumel Mexico).

One Delta Rep suggested we check-in using the "self service" Kiosk. The Kiosk failed to recognize the confirmation # and shortly after we were informed that our flight 5481 was cancelled (due to weather conditions in NY the night before)

We had 2 options:

A. get a refund

B. get a "seat request ticket"

(we obtained 2 of these to increase our chances of boarding a plane)

My husband and I decided to get on "stand by" as per Delta "there was a good chance to get on a flight to MIA. This was a HUGE LIE!!!!!!!!

1. the flights were overbooked

2. frequent travelers got priority over everyone else

3. they had fewers flights departing to Miami

At approximately 12noon my name appeared on the cleared list (which meant I was guaranteed a seat on the plane) I approached the ticket clerk to let her know my name was cleared. She rudely told me that the flight was overbooked and that she had no idea as to why my name appeared on the list. She told 38 "standby" customers that they would be placed on the next plane to Miami with a departure time of 7:25pm. A kind and compassionate lady gave up 2 seats for us - so that we would not miss our Cruise. The unyielding ticket clerk told her that she could not give us the seats because other people took priority over us. I spent the next 20 minutes thereafter crying and feeling sorry for myself. I stood there cold and questioning why this was happening to us. It was a nightmare! We decided to go back to the ticketing desk to get a refund. It was too late! There was no way we could make it on time to board the ship.

To make things worse our luggage was sent to West Palm Beach (one of the flights that we were on stand by for) - without us being on the plane to Florida - it doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure this one out. What were they thinking?

We contacted Carnival to let them know our situation. They told us they were sorry but if we did not make it to Miami we would lose all the money paid for the Cruise. They advised us to fly to Cozumel (the next port of call).

That same night we purchased one-way tickets for $650.00 with US Airways, flying to Cancun Tuesday morning. We booked a hotel in Cancun (one night stay) for $150.00 plus meals, and ground transportation expenses of $200 getting to Cozumel Wednesday afternoon.

As you can imagine I will never fly Delta Airlines again. The staff is incompetent, unreliable and unprofessional. As for the customer service... What customer service? Please............

Save yourself the headache and the extra out of pocket expenses!!!!!!!!!!! Choose your Airline wisely!

God Bless

Monetary Loss: $1200.

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