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Two Delta experiences during the past 30 days:

International flight (Atlanta-Incheon and back) that featured broken seat trays and seats, slightly dirty aircraft, filthy bathrooms that weren't maintained for 14 hrs, indifferent/bored flight attendants who avoided work, marginal food. (Compare with Korean Airlines: outstanding service, superb food, immaculately maintained aircraft, constant attention and food/drink, spectactular flight attendants)

2) Skymiles award ticket redemption: hugely increased mileage requirements for domestic award tickets (from 25K miles to 37K or 50K miles for most flights), all kinds of creative and absurd ticketing fees ("partner airline" use fees, taxes that weren't previously charged, new additional fees for any flight that's earlier than 21 days). If you think you know the rules/assumptions of Delta's Skymiles program -- think again. It's become a kind of "bait and switch" scheme in which Delta unilaterally changes the rules and you're stuck

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As I commented earlier on this site ... same experience and when I tried to get an award ticket found out that what was 40k last time is now 75k miles requirement and more folderall, which *** anyone off.

I've been with Delta SM for 2 decades ... but this is the end of the road!

Screw them ... i'm taking my business elsewhere.


Tell me about it! I got fooled with ye ole' bait and switch!

Dont waste your time with Delta Skymiles!

They make it seem so simple when it is not. You still have to pay no matter how many miles you have accumulated. First off, I did not have enough Skymiles in my account so my husband gave me some of his. It cost an initial $30 then $10 per 1,000 miles.

I ended up paying $70 total. The I found out that I cannot pay for partial tickets with Skymiles but, through a "special" promotion, I could apply for a American Express card and be able to pay for some of the ticket with my earned Skymiles. The remaining balance would have to be put on the American Express card. Then, I was told that the amount of miles I needed to fly to the same place but maybe on different days could cost me more Skymiles depending on the day.

One day it was 25k for a 2hr flight and the next day it was 32k. Also they told me that if I changed my mind about using my Skymiles after I booked, that there would be a "restocking" fee of $100.

No matter what you do with your Skymiles, you will end up paying a fee. Skymiles is such a joke!!!!!!!

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