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Just this evening my wife was on hold for more than 22 minutes listening to terrible music and the call was terminated!This is not what I would consider good customer service, nor what I expect from Delta or any other provider whom I am paying!

In a time when you guys are charging us for everything and squeezing consumers dry with your fees I believe the least you can do is provide good customer service! Inaddtion to this, YOU want to charge me $150 for changing my flight to a later on that I did not see when I made the initial reservation 30 minutes ago, the thirty plus minutes it took me to talk reach an agent which was the time that I had to wait to talk to a real live person! Your business practices are appalling! And your personnel have the nerve to insist that passengers clean up after themselves before deplaning the air craft.

I believe that is your responsibility as a paying customer. Do you clean up after yourself at a restaurant? A fast food establishment yes, but a restaurant, I sincerely doubt it. I am not paying $500 or more, plus all your fees and feel obligated to assisting your personnel in getting the airplane ready for it's return flight.

That is your responsibility, not your customers. We already have to wait in a line check ourselves in at a kiosk, wait in another line to turn our bags in, bring our own food, pay for the exit row seats, food on the aircraft, you don't show movies anymore...I mean what's next? We'll be required to draw straws to load the baggage onto the belly of the airplane, get a detail to clean the lavatories, paying to use the lavatories, pay for the beverage (half a glass of coke)?

I will be placing this on!BTW this is Kathleen's husband, my wife is too much of a lady to write what she thinks of your customer service.

Osvaldo Rivera

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Same *** thing has happened to me twice in the past 30 minutes.....I've had it...I'm fired up about this....i'm flying for work, my wife is trying to change a flight time, and all we want to do is talk to a customer service agent who can assist us!!! it's fn crazy!

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