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I purchased ticket on line www.delta.com on June 16, 2008 for roundtrip Buffalo-Atlanta.

I and my daughter Evelyn (5 years old) were returning to Buffalo after 5 days perfect and a lot of fun vacation in Atlanta. To save check-in time, I did check in by internet. We were very tired after 5 days of traveling, museums and water-parks and hoped to check our luggage quickly as in Buffalo airport and relax in anticipation of our flight back home.

When we arrived to Check-in counter 70 minutes prior to departure (5:30pm 08/05/2008) to check our luggage, Mr Sean Jackson (was written on his tag) measured the bag and told us that it oversized -67 inch. When I stated that this was not a problem 5 days prior at Buffalo Delta’s check-in counter and the bag was not oversized during last 8 years of my traveling all over the world, I offered to have another measure of the bag AND EXPLAIN TO ME WHAT IT IS MEAN “OVERSIZED” and what size can be accepted by Delta. All my multiple-requests:

• to measure the bug again

• what choices I have to fix the situation

• what is standard not oversized size should be

• call to supervisor

• Can I redistribute items to other half-empty small bag (the oversized bag was half-empty as well and not overloaded)?

where ignored by Mr Sean Jackson. Delta’s representative put my “oversized” bag behind the Check-in countertop and didn’t return my Canadian passport. He was purposely hold my passport and bag so I couldn’t double check the measurements of the bag and couldn’t fix the problem in case if my bag really oversized, I didn’t have any opportunity or choice to resolve the problem and manage the situation properly. Mr Sean Jackson increased stress and pressure by saying: “It’s just $150 to pay, and it’s not so much AND YOU CAN PAY”. I had ONLY ONE CHOISE: to PAY for oversized baggage.

My daughter 5 years old was very tired and started to cry. Mr Sean Jackson continue to extort

the money without giving to me any explanation and opportunity to fix the problem.

Finally I call to police and explained to police officer the situation:

• Delta’s representative improperly measured my baggage and rejected my multiple request to measure the bag and prove that the bug oversized;

• Delta’s representative rejected to return my Canadian passport so I cannot to go to another Delta’s representative and double check size of my baggage and if it is “oversized” I can buy new bag in store located next door (30 meters) from the Check-in counter and quickly fix the situation or I can redistribute items in the oversized bag and reduce total size (height) of the bag to size acceptable by Delta.

After a lot of very stressful dialogs Mr Sean Jackson provided me with the following information:

Size of the bag 67 inches

Standard size 62 inches

Mr Sean Jackson finally called to supervisor after the policemen arrived to Check-in counter and returned my Canadian passport that he holds with no reason during 25 minutes just to prevent me to fix the situation and increased stress and pressure to force me to PAY additional $150 (ticket price from Atlanta to Buffalo just $99). As I explained above I could buy new bag in nearest store (if it was properly proved to me that my bag oversized) and fix the problem in 10 minutes.

Supervisor arrived in 30 minutes after my Check-in problem started (at 6pm 08/05/2008). Unfortunately he is not introduced himself, so I cannot provide his name. Supervisor continues to deal with the situation in an unbearably insulting manner and causes more health damage for my daughter and me. Supervisor measured my bag and said that it is 64 inches total (30 minutes before it was 67 inches) and I have to pay $175 (tickets were purchased before July 31 and fee should be $150 according to http://www.delta.com/traveling_checkin/baggage/baggage_allowance/excess_baggage/index.jsp#restrictions) and I have no choices to fix the problem because data about my oversized baggage in computer system already and He cannot CANCEL it. I redistributed part of items to another half-empty backpack (42 inches and less than 40pound ) and I could carry-on this bag with me, and requested to measure again the “oversized” bag, because the bag’s height should be less. Supervisor rejected my request. I started to move to the nearest bag-store that located just on corner and 30 meter from the check-in countertop and wanted to buy new bag. My old bag that traveled with me without any problems during last 8 years including all items in the bag total cost was less than $175. When supervisor understood that oversized baggage problem can be fixed by myself in 5 minutes and 35 minutes prior to departure supervisor increased stress and said that I missed my flight and I have to pay additional fee to get another flight later on the night despite I arrived to check-in counter on time (70 minutes prior to departure).

I did not wish to sit up all night in the airport with small 5 years old tired and crying child in airport for next flight, my old parents (70 years old) arrived to Buffalo to pick up me home to Toronto. I should be on my workplace next morning.

So I understood that it was perfectly planned scenario extortion additional fee from the Delta's customer and I was ready to pay whatever they said just to leave Atlanta airport ASAP.

If my baggage was really oversized I should be informed in Buffalo airport (when I started my round-trip) where my parents could help me to fix the problem by bringing another small bag from the car immediately and I had 2 hours to resolve the problem.

After returning home and consulting your website, I noticed that the allowable linear inches is actually 62 inches. I measured the frame of this bag at home and the frame measures 62 inches (19.5+31.5+11).

Delta’s representative paid attention when I arrived to Check-in counter in Atlanta that I was very tired with no energy to discuss and he decided to get just additional fee and created very stressful situation.

Finally, when I paid $175 and received board pass I asked supervisor: How much time I have before departure and how far the departure gate from the Check-in counters? I received answer that I almost missed my flight and departure gate just after the corner. It is false information. When I found that it is no departure gate as it was explained to me by supervisor I and my crying daughter ran to the gate. When we arrived to the gate the line to board flight 798 (Buffalo) just started and it is mean I had ENOUGH TIME don’t run and don’t be overstressed.

I have never been treated so badly in my life. Our good impression from vacation in ATLANTA (it was first time journey for my daughter to USA) was broken in one minute by Delta’s unprofessional representatives. I and my 5 years old child were emotionally and physically drained by Delta’s representatives. They behaved in a less than professional manner and created very stressful situation instead to manage the situation properly. They lied regarding oversized baggage size and forced me to pay $175 for incorrectly measured bag. We were treated worse than animals. The Delta airlines representatives weren’t courteous. As a result of the Delta’s misrepresentation I and my daughter suffer significant emotional distress.

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