After an uneventful Delta flight from Rome to JFK, we boarded the plane for Richmond, VA. Rain was expected, so they hurried us up. We left gate at sligtly early, but then sat in the taxiway behind 29 other planes for 6 hours.

During that time, the toilet stopped working -only one on-board) and began overflowing. We got to the #1 for takeoff position and then at the last minute turned away and headed back down the taxi strip. Explanation - too low on fuel for takeoff - returned to the gate and told by captain that we would re-fuel, fix toilet and ***.

At the gate, told flight cancelled BECAUSE OF LIGHTNING ACTIVITY IN FLIGHT PATH! It didn't seem to stop the 29 flights ahead of us, but then the arguments about quarters (it was now midnight) Delta refused to offer paid accomodations but arranged, after I asked, for a local hotel at a discount rate.

Getting to that hotel, they denied the rate and charged us more. As we have been up for 24 hrs, took it. Got home the next day. Letter of complaint was sent to Delta, who offerred a $100 credit voucher.

THE NEXT DAY, THEY E-MAILED AND RECINDED THE VOUCHER "...after further review...." ! Ultimate insult by cavalier bunch of you know what's. Avoid Delta - Avoid JFK!

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