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So Delta decides that even though they are not a "low cost" airline they like the idea of charging for seats in coach.They "reconfigure" the plane for the flight I booked a couple of months ago.

Just got an email that a schedule change took place - but the times were the same - they type of aircraft was the same and the flight number was the same. Yes - you guesed it - the only thing that changed was they had to make way for the seats that now cost money. So I get bumped from my aisle seat (I book early because I am claustrophoebic) and get reassigned to a window seat. First guy from Customer Service in India says so sorry but new schedule, blah, blah.

I explain it is not a new schedule and ask to speak to the supervisor. He listens to me and opens up an aisle seat on the last freekin row of the plane. I ask him for my old seat back (if they can bump me out why can't they bump the person they put in there?) Nope - can't do that. I ask for an aisle seat up closer can't do that.

I ask they to give me one of the $39 seats (oh certainly can't do that!) Then I write to Customer Service and they write a lengthy (canned) email about the need for schedule changes and why it happens. I write back and ask if they even bothered to read my email. I get a short note back saying advanced seat assignments can be changed at any time and Delta has no obligation to provide that particular seat. But he hopes that I will continue to fly with Delta.

I should have flown a low cost provider - at least then I would not have paid a bunch for bad service..............

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