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Should not be in the reward miles business. I booked flights for 4 using my skymiles 100,000.00 reward miles.

I needed to redeposit the miles back to me and cancel the reservations but they refused to give my points back and took all 100,000.00. The trip was 60 days away. They are the rudest customer service people. Marriott Rewards credit card rocks.

They are who they say they are. Delta is a fake. Stay away from the American Express Delta Skymiles program.

After many calls I could not beleive they way I was treated. In order to have 100,000.00 rewards miles I spent $100,000.00 on this credit card.

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I had a similar problem with them. I told them I was going to small claims court.

They said they didn't care but the next day the problem was solved. it wasn't just a threat. I would have sued. Small Claims Court is a great weapon against large corporations.

They rarely will show up in court. A lawyer will contact you eager to settle the case.

Even if they show up in court they will usually go with the little guy if his complaint is legit. I've done this many times and never lost.

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