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Delta airlines sucks. I ordered 4 tickets from Boston to Tampa and they rescheduled my flight home ahead a half hour.

Because of this I would have missed my train ride home. I called them and asked for a refund and they said they would only refund it if the reschedule was more than 90 minutes. I don't see what difference it makes, if I miss the train I miss the train, it doesn't matter if its 5 minutes or 5 hours, late is late. I asked if I could reschedule the flight and they said it would cost an extra $100.

During the whole mess something came up and 2 of my friends couldnt go, so I asked if I could transfer the tickets to someone else's name and they said they wouldn't allow it even though I'm the one who paid for all 4 tickets. The worst part of it all is that I specifically asked if I could cancel the tickets or transfer them when I bought them and I was told yes, then when they sold me the tickets, they said non transferable/ non refundable on them.

The bottom line is that they got 1000$ from me and that's all they care about, they don't care if I board the plane or not, and they certainly don't care about customer satisfaction. I will never consider flying Delta again.

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delta me cobro dinero de mas por una pequeña maleta de las que los escolares llevan en los hombros,150 dolares no me permitio subirla para robarme mi dinero mal servicio vuelo atlanta mexico me atendio una mujer de color la cual no le gustan los blancos....


Delta Airlines took $340 dollars out of my account though I did not allow it, did not order any tickets and did not receive any tickets. I have not been able to find a number with which to call them (they obviously do not wish to talk to the public) I did send them an e-mail. They responded that they needed proof that I had lost money...I sent a copy of my bank statement...after several weeks they responded by saying they can not help me unless I send them the number of the tickets in question...Of course, I did not have any tickets because I did not order any tickets...Now they will not respond to my follow up...They are thiefs and apparently proud of it.

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