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On the 22nd of June 2011 my wife and I were booked on Delta Flight 127 Madrid to New York. About 2 and one half hours into the flight the pilot announced that we were dumping fuel and returning to Madrid.

We were met by crash crews and escorted to a remote parking area. After several hours we were transported to the terminal and waited for another couple hours. Then the fun began, Delta informed us that we would be put up in a hotel for the night and new reservations would be made for all passingers for the next day. On the 23rd we checked in for flight DL9905 and upon arrival at the gate were amazed to find that we were booked on the same airplane under a new flight number and the plane was still broken!

After waiting several hours more we finally spoke to the one agent handeling re-booking and were told that we were booked on the same broken plane on the 24th. We demanded alternate flights and finally arrived in Minneapolis on the 24th. Deltas response to our written complaint was 10000 flyer miles and $500.00 in highly restricted vouchers useable only on Delta. When we pointed out that we considered their offer inadequate the customer care rep.

Alex McCauley (case number 3818862) reminded us that "we have a choice in airlines".

I would recomend all of try to follow his advice. We are now flying American.

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:cry :cry :cry


sounds like they didn't tell you to go away but offered you alot but you wanted what? Sounds like American has their hands full now.

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