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I had bought a first class ticket for me wife wo was 7 months pregnant to travlfrom san diego to maryland.At a transit stop Delta official told her there is no first calss seat fo her and put her all they way in the back of economy.When she enquired about her situation she was told she would have to wait for another flight if she really wants to fly first class.You would think that the pregnant lady would be a priority bu obviously not.The good part is she got there and didnt complain since it was very hot in that seat.If anything had gone wrong with her,Delta would have been laughing from the wrong side of their mouth.This is the service we get as skymiles travellers.I am wondering what happens to those who are not.They think giving a voucher as compensation makes everything ok.

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How on Earth do they stay in business? The manager told me that a particular flight was nonexistant and wanted to charge me 624 us $ to fly the next day ........I showed her a friends itenary, who was flying on make believe flight - changed her tuned.........I am researching to see if there are any class action suits pending against them, just to help them win. MAYBE THEY WILL CHANGE THERE CUSTOMER SERVICE OR LACK OF

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