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I was on Delta Flight 072 to Istanbul on 19th Nov, My wife was not feeling well, so I upgraded to business class paid $3646.00!!! and myself to comfort economy.

During the flight I wanted to check how she was doing, the flight attendant said I cannot go into business class section. I explained to her that she is sick I paid so much, pl let me check. The attandant replied we know she is sick, still you cannot see her. I was shocked at the behavior.

Secondly the food was terrible in economy, they gave rolled sandwich in aluminum wrap w/ drink and no napkin!!! I was afraid to ask anything afraid of facing rudeness. My suggestion to everybody, we should boycott Delta until they change their attitude.

They forget that we the passengers keep them in business. They should learn courtesy and fairness, until then my family and friends are going to boycott Delta.

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Maybe in the third world h*ll hole you come from they allow people from economy to visit people in business class. But in a civilized country such as America we have rules that do not allow such things on any airline company. If you want to be able to do that then go fly on one of your third world airline companies.


What kind of food did you expect in economy class? Thats why its called economy class?

If you want better food then sit in business class.

EVERY airline bans economy/coach passengers from entering into business class.

So if you boycott Delta you would need to boycott EVERY airline then because they all have the same policy. So quit crying like a big baby and get over it!

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