Maineville, Ohio

I bought 2 tickets (one for myself and one for my husband, Brian

Voegele) from CVG to LGA in March for $360.00 ea. Departure date was Aug. 12, and return was scheduled for Aug. 16. Right before the trip my son had an emergency appendectomy. Because of this, I changed the flight to a day later. Once in New York, his condition had not improved and we decided to return earlier than planned also.

According to my corporate travel person, the best route at that point was to purchase a whole new ticket. This was at a cost of $837.90 (x two). With the penalty of $150 on top, the air fare for 2 became $987.90. This does not include travel agent fees of $20 for each change.

I did not realize the big difference at the time, and thought at the most I would be charged two change fees of $150 (a total of $600 for the two tickets.) Instead I was hit with $1,254 additional cost.

I am very upset about this, and feel it is an exorbitant charge. As a frequent flyer, it angers me and makes me feel like we were taken advantage of in a difficult time, with no recourse.

Unfortunately, I will have to continue to travel Delta in the future because we have limited options. However, I would prefer not to, and will avoid it if at all possible.

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