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It is unbelievable to experience such a disregard for customer service from such a large company. What is sickeningly ironic is listening to the Delta CEO give his little speech on the monitors in the plane before each flight! He talks about how they act like a small company with great service every day! Ha. What a crock! I would like to see him fly anonymously on coach on his own airline. He would experience the complete disregard for customers that we must face.

I was scheduled on a flight yesterday from Reno to Salt Lake City at 1:45 p.m. About 2 hours before the flight I get an email from Delta saying my flight was canceled. No reason why, and no communication about what my options are. Here is a tip Delta: If you cancel a flight, but value your customers, have the decency to call them and help them with alternate flights! This is what any other business does! I tried calling the airline, but of course was told no one is available and they would call me back in 30 - 40 minutes. Pathetic service once again!

I arrived at the airport before anyone from Delta called me back and was told I was booked on a flight at 8:45 p.m. Since yesterday was my birthday, I explained by taking that flight, I would miss the party for which my family had waiting for me in Salt Lake City. The gate agent casually said, "There is nothing more I can do!" They obviously didn't care.

Since I was not going to sit in the airport for 7 hours, I then re-rented a car to go kill some time in Reno. When I returned to the airport to board my re-booked flight I was not offered any food voucher, nor any upgrade for my inconvenience. The gate agent then said that the flight was nearly empty because they sent a bigger plane. Upon boarding, there were only about 40 people on a plance that seats about 175. The first class cabin was nearly empty. Only about 3 people in first class, with about 20 first class seats! Why on earth did Delta not offer those first class seats to those of us who got re-booked and had to waste our whole day for a 1 hours flight??!! Horrible disregard for service! I ended up spending extra money for more meals for my wife and I, an extra day for a rental car, and an extra day of airport parking, and missed my birthday party.

I understand that planes have mechanical problems, but when that happens Delta needs to train there employees to give a ***! They act like we are a nuisance to them. No other business would get away with this and stay IN business! I am a Skymiles member, but am done with Delta. They do not deserve my business and will no longer fly with them.

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To nikalseyn,

Actually I am a customer who expects good service when I pay significant money for it. I'm sure you are someone who delivers pathetic service in some fashion and expects people to thank you for your poor attitude.

In fact, you sound exactly like a typical Delta agent. Wait, you probably are a Delta agent!!


Ok, I agree Delta should have had a real, live person call to tell you of the cancelled flight and then to re-book you. That's just common courtesy, of which an email or phone message is not!

However, for the rest of your complaint you sound like a cry-baby who is offended at everything and wants "compensation" for every perceived slight.

Things happen, as they say. You really need to grow up and calm down or you will stroke out well before you are 60.

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