I spent over $7000 on a three-day "luxury package to Jamaica for myself, husband and two children. What a scam - the room was 1/2 the size they advertised, the "resort" was a dump - dirty and old.

We left a day early. I wrote a letter to complain and called - only to be told that I was lying! Stay away from Delta Vacations at all costs!!

It is a real scam! All I was looking for was an explanation and an apology and what I got was a scam artist who lies for a living in South Dakota!

Monetary Loss: $7000.

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Poseyville, Indiana, United States #998369

Delta vacations has ruined our vacation!!! We went to Cozumel for a adult vacation, and on the way had 2 planes break down on us.

We lost about 6 hours of our first day of our vacation because of this. We stayed at secrets in Cozumel. It was a wonderful resort, I wish we would of been able to enjoy our first day, instead of sitting at a airport. Then on our way home the plane broke down in Cozumel, we were suppose to fly out at 1:19, but they cancelled the flight and told us they were putting us in a hotel for the night and we would fly out the next day...

They put us in EL Cozumeleno beach resort in Cozumel, this was a awful hotel!!! The rooms smelled awful!! The air did not work good at all and it was a very old hotel!!! The beds had stains on the covers, bugs everywhere.

This place was awful! There were 2 resturaunts, but one only would let you eat there if you had long pants. And all our clothes were dirty since we had planed on being home by now. The other was a buffet and had nothing good on it!!

Just all together a very poor choice to put a plane full of people who had taken luxury vacations to Cozumel. We had booked a all adult only resort and had paid more money to get upgrades and stayed in the preferred section, so I don't feel they should of put us in a very old and ran down resort. They could of put us in hotels that would of been equal to what we had stayed in originally for our vacation. And Because we were in Mexico we didn't have ways to call home and my babysitter who I had arranged to take care of my kids could not keep them that extra day.

And when I asked if Delta would pay for me to call home to try and make some arangements, I was told they would not pay for me to make a call. So because of Delta having three planes brake down on our vacation, that we had saved and planed for a very long time, it was ruined...

I will never do a delta vacation again!! And I would never recommend them to anyone..


I used Delta Vacations a few times and found it effective apart from some small matters that are rare to be pointed out. It would be better if they had added some extra conveniences similar to car service as it can be found at www.theholidayhotels.com.

The latter's network of hotels is also stunning to get a first-rate, reasonably priced deal.

Atlanta, Georgia, United States #749664

I am sorry you had that experience. We are in Hawaii now in our *** trip to a run down hotel booked via delta vacations. Moana Surf rider NOT a 4 star hotel.


Hint: always use other resources to check out the hotel before you book a package... You can save yourself a ton of hassle.

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