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I have had a HORRIBLE experience with Delta and we are very dissatisfied with their service. Back in February, I had plans to travel with a group to Asia. I was having some serious health complications due to an undiagnosed autoimmune process, and I was advised before the trip that he shouldn't travel as I needed surgery. Because I had a documented medical reason for not being allowed to travel, Delta gave him a voucher for the cost of the trip (which, I might add, was just shy of $1300) and waived the cancellation fee, which was gracious of them.

When the voucher was given to me, I was not informed of any stipulations in redeeming the voucher. The way it was explained to me was that it was basically a store credit that just had to be redeemed before February 2013. For the past few weeks, my fiancee and I have been planning a trip to Mexico in December to use the voucher before it expires in February. Today, we called Delta to book the trip, and we were informed that

(1) Mike could only use the voucher for himself,

(2) that it had to be used for an international flight, and

(3) that the cost of that flight would have to be equal to or greater than the amount of the voucher, meaning that I couldn't use it to book two flights from Chicago to Puerto Vallarta even though the cost of those two tickets combined is $120 less than the amount of the voucher.

My fiancee and I spoke to a few different people on the phone to see what could be done, and in addition to them be rude to us (speaking over us, not listening to our complaint), they were extremely unhelpful. This is a gross injustice and is no way of treating loyal paying customers. Back in February, Delta both misrepresented the situation and failed to inform me about the stipulations of the voucher system and as a result, I am out of $1200+. Furthermore, I can't even book the Mexico ticket for myself since the cost of the ticket is less than the voucher. This is a ridiculous policy and something must be done to correct Delta's outlandishly poor customer service. Unless something is done to rectify this wrong, my fiancee and I will never fly delta again and tell others to do the same.

Review about: Delta Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $1278.

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