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I wrote the following to Delta complaining about the Extremely Rude Delta Employee who was working at the A12 gate desk in Atlanta on 11 Dec 2010 around 17:00 hours for the flight ATL to BWI- After traveling from Stuttgart Germany to ATL, I needed to catch my connection flight to BWI. The gate information changed last minute during my layover and I had to rush from one end of the Concorde A to the other end.

When I arrived to the new gate, there were several flights information posted regarding to the several different flights. Since it was close to the boarding time, I approached to the desk and to the man who was working for Delta to ask if I was at the right gate. He impatiently and rudely barked at me that I was at the right gate. While I proceeded to put my boarding pass in my bag, he loudly ordered me to sit down.

Finally, he started accepting passengers to board the plane. He was calling on zone one and two and I looked at my boarding pass which I was given in Stuttgart to locate my zone information. It was blank due to a misprint. So, I proceeded to the gate, to board the plane. He stopped me and based on my seat number, he yelled at me and told me that I was zone four in front of all the other passengers like I was too *** to know or read. He also ordered me to go back and wait for my turn.

At this point, the board was announcing for zone three passengers. A black elderly lady who had a zone three pass approached to the gate. He yelled at her and told her it was not her turn yet. Within three seconds a white lady approached to him with a zone three pass, and he let her go through. I waited to be the last person to board the plane. Then I approached to him and asked him if it was OK for me to board the plane now, would he permit me to do so. He angrily tore my boarding pass and threw it at me instead of handing it to me as a whole.

I am a 48 year old woman who works as a Senior Systems Engineer with a Master's Degree. I have travelled around the world (26 countries, 100's of cities) with all kinds of different airlines and I have never been treated so poorly in my entire life. Where does Delta find these scumbags as employees? This was my second Delta experience after the crash landing experience I had about 15 years ago. It took me 15 years to get the courage to book a flight with Delta again.

I resent the fact that Delta employees find the courage to ridicule respectable passengers, ridicule me three times within the 20 minutes I was in contact. In addition, the flight was about 15% full. There were about 15 passengers left to board the plane. He absolutely had no reason to mistreat some of the passengers as he did. Unfortunately, I was not able to read this man's name plate which was deliberately tarnished. The flight attendants did not know his name either.

I asked Delta to figure out who this white man in his late 20's or perhaps early 30's with short hair based on the information I provided to them. I wanted his name and I wanted to know what kind of disciplinary action Delta will be taking. Neither Delta nor any other airlines does not need an employee like this person who lacks the professionalism required for their customer service and rudely barking orders at their passengers who pay for their salaries.

And this was not all. In my flight from Stuttgart to Atlanta, one of the passengers opened up the overhead compartment and dropped a 20 pound bag on my head and shoulder. When I told the flight attendants, one showed up with a thorn scrap paper to write down the notes about the incident. The guy denied the whole thing and they let it be. I suffered the symptoms of a minor concussion the following 48 hours. My neck and shoulder still hurts after a whole month. I could not believe how unprofessional the Delta flight attendants were!

It has been three weeks since I wrote to Delta and surprise surprise no response! I guess I should not expect any acknowledgement from Delta after reading all the other numerous complaints at this web site! I will never fly Delta again even if it was the only airline left on the planet

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New York City, New York, United States #657717

Delta is hands down the worst. I fly all the time, I am not world jetsetter but I have been to over 25 countries, and flew on countless domestic flights with all the major and regional airlines like Spirit and Jetblue. But Delta is by far the worst. And here's to the worst of the customer service in my experience and a salute to the worst agent at Delta Customer Service.

Donald Lamonaca

Performance Leader

Department 125

JFK International

On my flight day, I checked in online through their website; website clearly said I checked in but said I need to get my assigned seat at the airport. When I got to the airport, agents at the ticket counter refused to ackowledge that I checked in. It was a full flight; they had people on standby. I arrived 50 minutes before my flight without luggage to check. This is close to the 45 minutes cutoff time for JFK international traveler, but still within the time allowed. First delta rep standing by the kiosk, Sabel P., tried to print the ticket for me, but couldn't so she went to the counter to ask. They know that the time is close but the other rep also couldn't print the ticket. At this point, they know the protocol, which is that the gate may have taken over so they could call the gate to try to get me on the flight, but even knowing this, they didn't. Sabel P. told me they couldn't print and to get in line and wait for an agenet.

By the time I get to an agent, they told me again they couldn't print my ticket and then later said I hadn't checked in online, but I definitely did check in online as I do with all my travels. I check in online before I go to the airport each and every time. At this time, they finally call the gate. The gate said it was too late. When I arrived at the airport, there was barely enough time, but they did very little to help a customer slightly late but one that still was probable of getting on the flight, if they had helped. But Delta agents did nothing other than to ask me to get to the back of the line.

So this got escalated to Donald Lamonaca, the customer supervisor at JFK. He offered no help. He said I tried to check in online. What does "tried to" even mean anyways? When a customer goes to on the day of the flight, 5 hours before departure and go to the checkin page. What purpose does the customer have other than to check in? I did check in online and the website told me I was checked in. Only thing he could do was to book me on next flight for $2000 more. He could have offered to talk to ticketing or sales for me. He didn't. He could have tried to help me on the next flight, but he didn't. He said either paid $2000 or talk to my travel agent. I asked to borrow their phone and then he said their phones don't dial out. That's a lie and total BS. The agent before just offered to let me use their phone. I ended up going to a pay phone downstairs and after 1 hour, got a delta ticketing supervisor online. He offered that I pay $300 to rebook my flight for the next day but the reception was so bad that I couldn't complete the phone call.

So I went back upstairs and talked to the delta agents again. Miraculously, this agent said "Yes of course you can use our phone to talk to our sales agents calling the 800 number" So Donald Lamonaca flat out lied to me to say that the phones don't dial out. He could have helped, but he did everything he can to NOT HELP. His offer was pay $2000 to buy a new ticket or go away. I couldn't even borrow a phone from Delta. I was traveling and didn't have my cell phone. The least Donald could have done was to lend a phone. He didn't.

Donald is the "Performance Leader" at JFK handling customer service for Delta. Imagine with that that of leadership (or lack thereof), what kind of customer service we can expect.

Donald Lamonaca.

Department 125

T. 718-704 2615

I am thoroughly disappointed at my experience today with Delta.

A Dissatisfied Customer.



You are not the only one to have gone through the poor behaviour of the irritated Delta employees. My experience has not been as bad as yours so far, but trust me, of all the flying experience I had over these years, my worst is always with Delta.

No matter it's in person or over phone, they are very poor at treating people well, their seats are the most congested ones, but they have the most frequent flights covering most airports here, makes them indispensable.

They should change their behaviour towards fellow passengers. It's horrible what you had to go through.


I'm sorry about that happening to you, I work with Delta and I can assure you most employees are very nice. You're right that *** should be fired, I met a few, and unfortunately I gotta say it's a problem with hubs, not just on Delta.

Yes, the management should have acknowledged you request, but you would not get a name, the employee could sue Delta if they have his name away.

If anything like that happens ever again with any airline, discreetly move away from the gate, go to another agent and ask to speak to a supervisor. Delta has way too many employees to even know who's who.


Lionessx,I am so sorry that you had a bad experience with Delta. My first flight with them was 30 years ago when I was 17 and it was really great.

I had never flown and so my Mom ask them if they would help me out with the transition from Nashville to Germany , and a nice guy carried me across the airport. I was so impressed and I was flying to Germany to see my brother that was in the Air Force . I am trying to become a Flight Attendant with them because I want to be the FACE of Delta. I am very patient and I really do love people and so I will be a great fit for this job.

I hope you give them another chance, I always say don't throw the baby out with the bath water !!

Well thanks for listening to me and I hope you have a better experience on your next flight no matter where you go or who it is with . Take Care,Raymond

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