My wife and I booked a flight to Italy from Charlotte far in advance. My wife just found out that she must travel for her work during that time period.

I called Delta 208 days in advance of the departure date. I spoke with one representative; she said there was nothing she could do. I spoke with her supervisor. She said there was nothing she could do.

I called corporate and I spoke with a supervisor, a supervisor's supervisor, and that lady's supervisor. Each said I could not get a refund, would loose $250 on each ticket for rescheduling, and they refuse to give me 30 days extension to use what is left of my *** Delta credit. I understand a non-refundable ticket, but I do not understand poor customer service, especially at such a large company.

Please do not fly delta. They need to go out of business.

Review about: Delta Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $2400.

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Ocoee, Florida, United States #943220

What an oxymoron has been posted. "I understand a non-refundable ticket" but then complains when Delta will not do something he now wants.

What does the poster not understand about "non-refundable." YOU AGREE that if you could not make the flight, you would pay the penalties.

Now you whine because the airlines is holding you to that standard. Once again "poor customer service" is code word for I did not get my selfish way, and so it must be their fault.

New York City, New York, United States #657721

Delta is hands down the worst. I fly all the time, I am not world jetsetter but I have been to over 25 countries, and flew on countless domestic flights with all the major and regional airlines like Spirit and Jetblue. But Delta is by far the worst. And here's to the worst of the customer service in my experience and a salute to the worst agent at Delta Customer Service.

Donald Lamonaca

Performance Leader

Department 125

JFK International

On my flight day, I checked in online through their website; website clearly said I checked in but said I need to get my assigned seat at the airport. When I got to the airport, agents at the ticket counter refused to ackowledge that I checked in. It was a full flight; they had people on standby. I arrived 50 minutes before my flight without luggage to check. This is close to the 45 minutes cutoff time for JFK international traveler, but still within the time allowed. First delta rep standing by the kiosk, Sabel P., tried to print the ticket for me, but couldn't so she went to the counter to ask. They know that the time is close but the other rep also couldn't print the ticket. At this point, they know the protocol, which is that the gate may have taken over so they could call the gate to try to get me on the flight, but even knowing this, they didn't. Sabel P. told me they couldn't print and to get in line and wait for an agent. This was the first "unhelpfulness" of delta. If you have a customer who arrived 50 minutes before takeoff; you know he has to get on the flight. Why aren't the agents helpful to try to get them on the flight? Sabel P. does the least she could do which was to talk to other agents at the desk. If she was helpful, she would have called the gate. She does the easitest thing, and the least helpful thing to a customer in a bind trying to get flight. She told me to get to the back of the line and wait for an agent. Sabel P. Thank you very little for being the 2nd worst delta agent.

By the time I get to an agent, they told me again they couldn't print my ticket and then later said I hadn't checked in online, but I definitely did check in online as I do with all my travels. I check in online before I go to the airport each and every time. At this time, they finally call the gate. The gate said it was too late. When I arrived at the airport 50 minutes before my flight, there was barely enough time, but they did very little to help a customer slightly late but one that still was probable of getting on the flight, if they had helped. But Delta agents did nothing other than to ask me to get to the back of the line. So now I had missed my flight.

So this got escalated to Donald Lamonaca, the customer supervisor at JFK. He offered no help. He said from their records, he could see that I tried to check in online twice earlier in the day. What does "tried to" even mean anyways? When a customer goes to delta.com on the day of the flight, 5 hours before departure and go to the checkin page. What purpose does the customer have other than to check in? I did exactly that. I did check in online, put in my reservation #, passport number and got to the final page where the website told me I was checked in. Delta.com clearly said I checked in but said I need to get my assigned seat at the airport. Only thing he could do was to change my itinerary for $2000 more. He could have offered to talk to ticketing or sales, considering he knows he checked in online. He didn't. He could have tried to help me on the next flight or the next day, but he didn't. He said either paid $2000 or talk to my travel agent. I asked to borrow their phone and then he said their phones don't dial out. That's a lie and total BS. The agent before just offered to let me use their phone. How unhelpful can Donald be? I couldn't even use their phone to talk to anyone at delta or my travel agent with a 800 number? I ended up going to a pay phone downstairs and after 1 hour, got a delta ticketing supervisor online. He offered that I pay $300 to rebook my flight for the next day but the reception was so bad that I couldn't complete the phone call.

So I went back upstairs and talked to the delta agents again. Miraculously, another Delta agent said "Yes of course you can use our phone to talk to our sales agents calling the 800 number" So Donald Lamonaca flat out lied to me to say that the phones don't dial out. He could have helped, but he did everything he can to NOT HELP. His offer was pay $2000 to buy a new ticket or go away. I couldn't even borrow a phone from Delta. I was traveling and didn't have my cell phone. The least Donald could have done was to lend a phone. He didn't.

Donald is the "Performance Leader" at JFK handling customer service for Delta. Imagine with that that of leadership (or lack thereof), what kind of customer service we can expect.

Donald Lamonaca.

Department 125

T. 718-704 2615


I am thoroughly disappointed at my experience today with Delta.

I lost 1 day of vacation time. I spent frustrating 5 hours at the airport, another 4 hours to and from the airport. I have had to pay $300 to rebook. What is wrong with this picture. I CHECKED IN ONLINE ALREADY (caps duly intentional to express appropriate emotion here) and the website delta.com told me so. I am not at fault here. Delta is at fault and Donald Lamonaca did very little to help.

I ask for reimbursement and compensation to the fullest extent for this ultra unpleasant experience.


Prescott, Wisconsin, United States #606460

It's your fault that you bought a non-refundable ticket. Sorry.


I hope they do, they completely ruined my trip with their shenanigans. All they care about is our money.

$250 each for changes on a flight that's is 208 days away?

Ridiculous... Same thing happen to me.

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