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I am in Mexico, trying to return home early, with a flight involving two airlines. I called Delta first and asked me how much it would be to change my flight.

They said it would cost me $!50. I said ok, I need to call the other airline, and see how much it will be, and I will call you right back. I then called the second airline, and changed my ticket for $80. I then called Delta back who now said it would cost me over $500!

When I protested and said I had just been told $150, they said that was just the change fee, but there was also a fare increase. When I said the first person did not tell me that, and that now I had already changed my other flight, they said there was nothing they can do....which has been their story since. Now I am stuck with half my trip changed, half not. I can't afford the $500 plus change fare, and they refuse to honor what their first rep said.

I have had consistent problems with their customer service, this is just the latest example.

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I wonder if there is something we can do about this?


This just happened to me as well. I was quoted a difference of 205 and repeatedly asked does that include the change fee to which Heather oR hannah responded no.

when i called back i was quotd 400 dollars.

when i asked if i could just buy a one way ticket on a different date they told me i would get canceled and lose my whole ticket. i hate them

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