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March 18/10 flight out of detroit international airport, delta airlines, 10 mins late for check in they said, pay fifty dollars for myself and partner, book on the next flight at 12:25pm. paid the money, flight cancelled, stayed in airport until 10:30pm.

could not understand how to use kiosk, no one to help you, therefore, late. the airport was so confusing, could not find where to park, no one to help with that either.

did not reach nashville until 11pm, wasted my room, and had to go to bed. 7 dollar voucher did not make up for the frustration, inconvenience, and a waste of a short holiday trip. From canada, therefore, had to stay at airport, felt they wanted the money to spend in the airport.

staff were consistently rude at every turn. refused to give back the 100.00 dollars they made us pay, now it was their mistake, and that was just too bad. i worked like a dog for that small trip, and felt so cheated, dismayed, disillusioned, and felt that no one really cared. Told everyone we could tell, seemed they all knew already what we were talking about.

Felt like the staff were angry for being there so early, busy chatting and laughing with each other, could care less the frustration we were going through. Do not fly that often, therefore, unfamiliar with this help yourself or else! consistent rudeness really floored me. First time i have ever flown with delta and certainly will be the last.

Only good thing i can say that the airport in Nashville was so much better. Friendly, helpful,made it home no problem. The people in detroit were absolutely appalling. Delta airlines needs to send in some consumer spys, to see what is going on there.

they will be appalled as i was.

Tried to call delta airlines consumer complaints, the number was for baggage! Is that a joke?

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Detroit's Delta staff are horrible! While trying to resolve a refund for a cancelled flight, a supervisor named Michelle M.

asked the clerk that was helping me for my name (as if I was not standing right there). I offered Michelle M.

my business card and she replied to me, "I don't want your card, give it to someone who cares!". It was obvious that Delta doesn't care about me..

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