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On September 6th we were scheduled on flight 0931 departing from La Vegas to Atlanta, with Tampa, FL as our final destination.

We arrived at McCarran Airport around 10:00 PM and were at the gate at 10:30 PM. I approached the woman behind the counter (Denise), handed her the boarding passes for my family and me and asked her if she could give us our seat assignments. She told me that I needed to wait for another person (Robin). We waited for about 20 minutes, then went back to volunteer my bags to go into the airplane, due to the flight was full, again I asked Denise about getting the boarding passes, and I was told again to wait.

The third time I asked why I hadn’t gotten my seat assignments, she told me that my seats were already assigned and that I don't need to worry. When we were getting on to the plane and they scanned the boarding passes, my seats were not assigned. When the flight attendant printed all four seat assignments, all of our seats were separated. My concern was that we were traveling with our son, who was celebrating his 10th birthday, and I didn’t him to be alone, sitting next to a stranger. I asked if we could at least have my son and wife together.

A woman named Kimberly said she was the supervisor and reassigned our seats for us. When we were about to sit down, we found a family of 5 in the seats that she had assigned for us, therefore we didn't have seats. We were waiting for a solution to the airline’s mistake when we were told that we had to leave the plane and take another flight because we were delaying the plane departure.

We were removed from the plane. Of course I wasn't happy about it and I questioned why I've been penalized for Denise’s mistake—she was clearly neglecting me to obtain my boarding pass since the very beginning and now we have to wait for another flight?

At this point Kimberly became very aggressive and told me in a bad manner that now she won't re-book my flight and that I have to fly with another airline. She threatened to call the police and have me and my family removed from the premises, and I told her to go ahead since we had done nothing wrong. She did not call them, instead she left and I waited for her to arrive with the police, which she didn't do. After 15 minutes of waiting I went to the front desk and asked Robin if I needed to book my flight with another airline. She told me that she was taking care of the situation, even though Kimberly had said she wasn’t going to deal with it.

Eventually, we were assigned to the next flight to Minneapolis which will departed an hour later, with our connection flight being at 9:12 AM, a nearly five-hour layover. We arrived in Tampa at 2 pm, and my wife, daughter, and I all had to miss work that day.

I'm writing because I'm demanding an apology for the way we were treated. It was clear that Kimberly didn't like the fact we are Hispanic when she said to us: "That's what happen when we had to deal with people like you.”

The mistreatment, the delay, the shame to be asked to leave a plane without a reason, the crying of my son on his birthday because he was scared, the threat with the police, the condescending language, the sarcasm used against me and my family was all done by Kimberly, who was apparently the supervisor at the airport, are sufficient reason for this complaint.

Product or Service Mentioned: Delta Airlines Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

Preferred solution: Let the company propose a solution.

Delta Airlines Cons: Lack of empathy.

  • Racist Delta Supervisor
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sounds like you are entitled and a *** Get over it.


That chip on your shoulder seems to be growing. No one believes you are not at fault.


Why be so quick to jump to the assumption it was discrimination. "With people like you" could mean demanding people; people who are unsatisfied with the seats they were originally assigned (being spread out over the airplane is not unusual); people who are pushy.

There is any number of categories that could apply, before reaching Hispanic.


Or maybe she was discriminating against how I disciplined my son. I admit I got out of hand and slapped him a few times.

However this was only because they were making me upset with how I was treated. She did not like how I was treating my son and threatened to call the police on us. I told her this was my child and I had every right to discipline him as I see pleased. My son was crying over all this and I called him a big baby.

He did not stop crying so I slapped him until my wife started crying and told me to stop. She accused me of ruining his birthday, but it was my son and wife and son that ruined the birthday as well as Delta.


The people like you could also mean people who take their anger out on their wife and children. I don't know why the OP did not put the part about beating his son in the review, but I would not have let the matter drop if I were there. There is a difference between discipline and abuse and the OP crossed that line.


He did not say "beating" his son, he said he slapped him. That is quite a difference.

Nothing here about abuse, except those who feel any contact is bad. What do they say "Spare the rod and spoil the child."


Maybe but you don't slap your son because you he was scared his parent was going to be arrested. He may claim he slapped his son, but I am sure there is more to this story.

He slapped the son for crying because the son was scared that daddy was going to go to jail, not because the son was misbehaving and I am sure the father is not admitting the whole truth. He slapped the son in anger, not as punishment. Someone needs to slap him so he knows how it feels.

He needs to be put in a cell with someone twice his size who can push him around. He is a child beater and I am sure you are one as well.

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