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DO NOT FLY DELTA OUT OF LAX!!!!!!! Nightmare Story!

We missed our connector flight because they closed our Gate 5 minutes early and wouldn't let us board our plane after we ran there from our first plane. Who does that? What was the hurry to leave so early during Thanksgiving week and leave customers with Boarding Passes and assigned seats? Completely ruined the 1st leg of our vacation!

We were forced to wait 9, yes you read that right -NINE- miserable hours later at boring LAX for our next flight. Without a doubt the worst day of our lives being stranded that long with absolutely nothing to do. Gate agents were disgustingly rude and couldn't have cared less. Yeah all of you Gate Agents working at Gate 69, Flt 1197 and Gate 52, Flt 1219 on Monday 11/21/11 your Karma is ruined for behaving so badly and not caring at all about your stranded customers!

Delta service at LAX is the worst I have ever encountered. Fly out of other surrounding airports to avoid distasteful and horrible Delta GATE AGENT TROLLS at LAX! Negative 5 stars for putting us through such a ghastly experience!

Shame on you Delta! We will never fly on your amateur airline again.

Review about: Delta Airlines Flight.

Monetary Loss: $24.

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The funny, or really, not so funny part is that nothing ever happens to rude, arrogant employees. Delta could care less that a couple of passengers had a very bad experience at the hands of their employees.

People will still keep flying and most people do not care what airline they fly on, as long as they get to their destination. The perverts at TSA are still groping young children but people still take airplanes to get to where they want to go.

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