Hi all,

Bought a ticket from Delta instead of Expedia (expedia's ticket was over $100 less.) Immediately completed Claim Form and included all of Expedia's ticket info quoted to me.

What a scam!!!! I took a chance on Delta's honesty and lost, not the biggest deal in the world... but...What a scam!!!!

Here is communications from Delta:

Thank you for contacting Delta Air Lines.


> We are unable to find the class of service you submitted from

> expedia.com. Please keep in mind this guarantee only applies on the same

> flights on the same day as booked originally on delta.com.


> For any other questions and to read the Terms and Conditions please see

> www.delta.com/bestfare


> Again, thank you for writing. We appreciate your selection of Delta and

> will always welcome the opportunity to be of service.


> Sincerely,


> Sxxxxxxxxx Lxxxx

> Delta Best Fare Guarantee Team

Here is 2nd letter I got back after pointing out the proof of my lower fare which was contained in original Claim Form:

Thank you for your e-mail to Delta Air Lines.


> We understand that things at your end are precise. We are unable to

> process your request, as your request is beyond the time frame under the

> Best Fare Guarantee. Since airfares are subject to change without

> notice, we can only research and process the request when we receive the

> completed claim form from our respectable customers like you. Also, the

> Best Fare Guarantee is eligible, if you find a lower fare on Expedia,

> Travelocity, or another online travel agency for the exact same Delta

> itinerary ticketed on delta.com.


> For any other questions and to read the Terms and Conditions please see

> www.delta.com/bestfare.


> We appreciate your interest in Delta Air Lines.


> Sincerely,


> Gxxxxx Yxxxxx

> Delta Best Fare Guarantee Team

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They do NOT honor their best far guarantee - I filed the same day, and had made a screen shot as proof. But hours later when they checked they said they could not find the lower fare and denied my claim.

And then delta lowered their flight on their website AFTER I made my claim, but to get the fare that was lower than what I had booked at the day before ON DELTA I had to cancel one flight and rebook.

Not even a "best fare guarantee" on their own website.

I used to be a happy Delta customer - no more.


I have spent numerous frustrating hours in attempting even a credit for future travel -- let alone a refund on 10 tickets I purchased for my family to celebrate my 50th birthday this January. I received a fare notification today and found that Bing.travel listed the EXACT same flights I purchased on Expedia for about $400 each a5 $265.48.

I tried the Customer Service number and internet help. Customer Service was adamant in denying my request for at least a credit for future travel and the internet help department was adamant that the fare was not on their website. I offered to provide the URL of the screen I was looking at, but was told not to because it would prove to be an old fare (or only 1 ticket -- not 10). I tried to book tickets for 10 online and the fare was good and there were 10 seats -- TOGETHER!!!

They insist that the tickets must be re-issued for $150 each -- EVEN THOUGH THE FLIGHTS ARE IDENTICAL!!!! The "supervisors" won't even give courtesy travel vouchers for the credits. I have always been happy with Delta, but so disappointed.

I have wasted hours and emotion and lost well over $1,000 for booking early. Disheartening when Orbitz AUTMATICALLY refunds differences until travel (NOT JUST 24 HRS.)


call delta internet supervisor for help

888-750-3284 see what they can do

also try delta corp customer care

404-715-1450 m-fr 9-7pm eastern

(for complaints etc)

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