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Delat only cares about making money! They charge an arm and a leg for your luggage!

There prices are outrages and they are rude! If you want to being three bags you have to play almost 200 dollars which is more then most tickets. If you bag is one pound overweight they charge you 90 dollars! They are crazy!

There flight attendants are rude and there planes are small.

Delta sucks and I would not recommend it at all. Fly American airways or southwestern delta should really considerate what they are charging because they are loosing a lot of customers

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I don't understand why delta treats families so poorly after the flight is booked. Since I lost my silver status they continually separate my family on the plane.

. On our way down to Orlando fl two weeks ago the separated all my kids from me and not until I said one was five years old did they even care.

When we questioned the seating, i was told to handle iton the plane as it would be easier to make the exchange. When I first booked we were all in row 11, not sure how we ended up all over and left to deal with the desk in the airport and other passengers to get my kids to sit with their parents.

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