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Long story short, have been waiting for this trip all year long. Traveling with my pregnant wife for a long journey from MSP to Thailand (travel date - 11/20/2018).

Weather related issue had us divert to Spokane and we sat at the gate for 4 hours. Our connecting flight was delayed for the same weather related issue so we thought we had a chance to catch it. Nope, they wouldn’t let us on the plane even though it was still at the gate. Fine, I guess that happens.

That’s when the customer service got me to a new level of pissed-off. They told us to go to the service desk and pointed in some general direction but seemed mostly uninterested in helping us (including some folks that were in the same situation as us). Not much option was given with the outgoing flights so we were told we need to catch a flight the next day. Well, we’re already on a tight budget..the staff alludes that maybe we needed to just stay at the terminal overnight.

With a pregnant wife that is already in pain because we were running from terminal to terminal?! They ended up giving us a $20 discount for a hotel. You’ve got to be kidding me. I already avoid Delta’s higher prices anyway and am annoyed about the annual fee I get charged for my Delta AMEX card..

Well, now I’m going to cancel my card and never fly with them again because I do not want to give this airline another penny. They’ve put a terrible taste in our mouths and given us a bad start to a vacation that was badly needed after what we went through this year. Never again.

I will now do my best to discourage people from using Delta. It just got personal.


Pissed-off customer

Product or Service Mentioned: Delta Airlines Flight.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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