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Me and my family were coming back to New York city from Chicago were my daughter just had gotten married to a naval service man . On August 12 2018 we missed or flight by min.because we had trouble finding car rental returns. We arrived at airport at 8 and or flight was leaving at 845so we couldn't broad we were put on stand by which was fine .That's when the trouble started first stand by flight was full second one the man at the gate told me it goes by how much money you spend buying tickets and me and my family wouldn't have a chance on getting on any earlier than 730 pm .We were traveling with two infants a 8 month old and a one year old son of the service man.We felt like delta has no respect for the young man and women that serve this country and there family are not as important .We finally got called at four pm flight and the babies had broading passes but were not showing on computers anywhere again pushed to the side because the man on the gate was not willing to help us even though he had seeing all of or broading passes since the morning didn't want to do anything for us he just said try customer service we went over to the desks the ladies found the babies but he given the sits away .It is now 630 pm.I have never been as disgusted by the lack of help we received .The lack of respect for the spouse and child of a young man serving this county .Delta should be ashamed of having people working for them who tell there passengers if your not rich your not important

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You make a mistake and show up extremely late, regardless of getting lost, and then you blame Delta? Omg really!


Seriously?! You arrive at the airport 45 minutes before your flight and then complain that they couldn't accommodate you?

2 hours minimum before a flight - anyone who has every flown in the last 20 years knows that and EVERY airline spells that out clearly when you buy your tickets. Military has nothing to do with it and as a member of the armed forces myself I'm embarrassed by you.


Very far from the "service man" to try to bring in that connection. You missed the plane equals you suffer the consequences.

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