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Today, I have received the absolute worst airport experience I have ever received in my life considering the fact that I am a frequent flyer. I arrived at the airport 15 mins before the one-hour recommended time for check-in with one baggage. Even though there was no wait in line for check-in, the agents at the front desk seemed very confused and unhelpful and none of the agents wanted to be of assistance to me and kept pointing me in many different directions as to who was going to assistance me with checking in. One of the agents asked for my identification , after she looked at my id she said nothing at all so i assumed she was printing my boarding pass. Moments later she pointed me to another agent, who later on seemed to be just a bit helpful, who did not even know why I was sent to her because she already seen that I was already speaking to an agent. Before this new agent began assisting me, a manager with a red jacket began yelling in my face saying "You are late!"

When I looked at my watch it was 5:53 which was two minutes before my one-hour recommended check in time. I pleaded with this manager to assistance me as fast as possible with my luggage check in, and I tried to explain to her about the confusion with multiple agents. The manager did not even let me get a word out and proceeded to give me unjustified attitude a extremely poor customer service. By this time, I begun to get very upset. I asked her what is the next step in this process and she just ignored me and begun helping the customer behind me.

Due to my illness, I started feeling very light headed by all the aggravation I had just been through within the last 20mins and no one seemed slightly concerned. I tried to sit down because I felt very dizzy but by that time I had already fainted to the ground. When I woke up, the customer, who was previously standing behind me, was looking over me telling me to wake up and asking me if I was okay. He told me that I had feel right to the floor hitting my kneed on the ground after asking for a place to sit. Still,no concern from any agents and not even the manager. The gentleman had to ask the manager several times to get me a bottle of water.

After this whole complication, that could have been avoided, I was forced to book another flight and pay a difference of $400+ on top of what I had already paid for my original flight. This was my very first time flying with delta and I will never purchase anymore flights from Delta in the future. The customer service I received today was very poor, and has caused me more money and aggravation. I look now at my airport experiences differently and I will now appreciate the great customer service I receive with Air Tran. I will definitely follow up with a letter to corporate regarding this poor experience.

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Holmestrand, Vestfold, Norway #137936

I think you need to check your boarding time again. You were late.

Also you are using your illness to get things in your favor. Grow up.

You are not a royal customer for giving up Delta because of one bad experience. I feel sorry for the airline that had to deal with you.


I got mad just by reading your review! What's the purpose of having customer service if not to help customers? Definitely Delta needs to train their agents better and remind them that w/o customers, they'd be unemployed.

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